About Me

My name is Meghan and this is my blog. Welcome! Behave.

I love God first, my husband second, our children next, and the rest comes after. I love you, too… whoever you are.

I believe in miracles and have seen them. The fact that I’m alive and able to successfully function in this world amidst other human beings is a miracle in itself, considering…

All blogs before 2012 are considered BC because they were written before Christ was given control of my life. In them, there may be swearing or potentially inappropriate situations that are not recommended for children or the sensitive. You may find yourself offended or triggered. You’ve been warned.

I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve made bad decisions (and some good ones, too). I’ve had a ton of fun. I’ve been sad, happy, mad, excited, scared, and felt like I didn’t know how to feel. Maybe you can relate.

I have two daughters, and they are pretty much the coolest. They make me want to run into traffic sometimes, but I’d push you in first if you ever tried to hurt them.

Again, welcome. Look around, leave some comments, and tell your friends. You’re safe here.

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. you guys are amazing, im both envious of the freedom to travel you enjoy and at the same time proud to know two people who have the most honest relationship ive ever known….yall rock!

  2. Missing y’all!!! You made my year coming to visit me here! (haha, that rhymed) You took the Sun from Seattle when you left 😦
    Be safe!!!!

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