Exploring Malaysia

Welcome back, friends. Today will be more of a visual blog. On this particular day of exploring We went to 4 different temples, none of which I know much about…so I don’t really have anything to say about them. They were all different looking but served the same purpose- to be a house of prayer and worship. We walked around inside them and took some photos and headed back to the air-conditioned hotel room đŸ™‚

This first photo is of the temple right outside Our hotel.  Kinda cool to look at while waiting for the elevator or walking towards the stairs.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple built in 1873

The next few are of the “God of War Temple”.

Guan Di Temple built 1888

From the ceiling hung rows of burning incense spirals.

Next, a clan house that looks deceptively like a temple and is even sometimes called the “Green Temple” because of its striking color.

Chan See Shue Yuen built 1906

Last, We visited a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy.

Guan Yin Temple built 1880

In each of these places, We found there were wreaths of flowers draped over the statues and incense burning in pots, or on altars, or even hung from the ceiling.  There are vendors along most of the streets leading to the temples that make and sell the flower wreaths for people to purchase them and hang them on the statues when they visit.  Sometimes, We were required to remove Our shoes (and charged a fee to rack them). They were interesting to visit, that’s for sure- I’ve never seen anything like it.

Once We finished looking at temples, it was time for me to experience picking out a plate of street food.  I stuck with vegetarian for my first time.

The food was…well, it was fuel. I didn’t starve and I didn’t die so it served its purpose and I will live to eat another adventure đŸ™‚

Or will I?

Stay tuned…

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