And the new stamp in my passport comes from…

On Our way! @Gold Coast Airport Australia

Welcome back, folks.  Those ^^^ are the faces of multi-international travelers.  We left Byron Bay Australia at 5am Saturday August 27th and via the Gold Coast Airport flew to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  BAM!  New stamp in my passport.  🙂 It was around an 8 hour flight and then an hours bus ride to the hotel.  We booked Our stay at Alamanda Hotel in the heart of Chinatown Kuala Lumpur weeks beforehand so that even if We spent all the money, We had a roof over Our heads 🙂  When the bus let Us off in Chinatown, We knew immediately it would be a very different experience from Oz.  Obviously, We were in Asia (big difference #1) but it was more than that…the traffic was horrendous with cars and motorbikes flying around in no particular lane whenever they felt it appropriate to do so, the trash was strewn about in the streets with no “rubbish bin” in sight, the people rushed around or stood around with no clear agenda but to carry on about their own business in complete disregard to anyone near them.  I didn’t hear english words unless someone was yelling out the name of what they were selling as We passed by…Cali took it all in stride, I tried to do the same.  My excitement about being in a new country was being squashed by the unfamiliarity of it all.  I was definitely outside of my comfort zone.

We got to Our street with some broken help from a passerby and realized that when the hotel site said “heart of Chinatown” it meant “middle of the busiest market street in Kuala Lumpur”.  We barely navigated the maze of shop stalls 6 deep across the street and sidewalk to the middle of Petaling St recognizing our hotel only because of the sign high above the crowd.

Our large packs bumped into people and stalls without enough horizontal clearance to move forward quickly.  Figuring out how to leave the chaos of the saturday afternoon shopping frenzy without crashing through a stall was tricky, but at last We made it to Our new home.  (We would soon find out that the market chaos wasn’t just a weekend thing, it was an everyday thing.)  We checked in and dropped Our packs.  The air conditioner was welcome-it was definitely hot outside- and the room We were checked into was a free upgrade from the hotel since We would be staying at least a week, they wanted Us to have a window.  Once Our packs were off, it was finally time to eat.

We had been traveling about 13 hours by the time We looked for food.  There was an in flight meal, but neither of Us liked what We got and were therefor pretty hungry.  Unidentifiable meat on a stick, or Subway for dinner?  SUBWAY please, thanks.  The restaurant looked  like a Subway, said it was a Subway, and had sandwiches named the same, but it tasted… different.  Get used to it sweetcheeks, you are not in TX anymore.  After dinner, We checked out the complimentary in-room internet and fell asleep.

The width of the room, from side to side.

The next morning, Cali let me sleep in while He went for a walk to check out the surroundings.  Once I woke up, I headed down the elevator to make some coffee in the lobby.  I was quite surprised when the doors opened and what I saw was Cali standing there holding a bunch of beautiful flowers for ME.

A wonderful way to start a new day in a new country.  Since it was the end of the month We were getting low on funds so there was not going to be any shopping yet, but We did go sightseeing.

What sights did We see?  Did I adjust any better after a good nights sleep?  What did Our street look like in the morning?

Stay tuned…

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