Goodbye “Land of Oz”.

Welcome back, friends.  When last we spoke, I mentioned We would be going surfing-and We did.  I got off of work at 1 and with Jessie’s help, We rounded up some wetsuits, grabbed a couple surfboards and headed to the beach.  It was a cold and cloudy day which made me skeptical of the whole getting in the water thing.  You would not believe how warm a wetsuit keeps you!!  I was wearing one with short sleeves and legs and I was still more than comfortable.

The surfing itself was entertaining.  Neither of Us stood up fully on Our boards and both of Us spent a majority of Our time falling off but We caught a few waves on Our knees and had an amazing time.  Seeing Cali in the water and enjoying it (not to mention being particularly fantastic at the whole surfing thing) was awesome.  I got a few new bruises and thought I was going to drown a few times, but had so much fun!!  We intend to do it again whenever possible-who knows, maybe We will become a world-famous surfing couple 🙂  you can’t really take pictures while in  the water, so here is a few of Us immediately after.  How official do We look?? ❤

So much fun!!

Post surfing, We took showers and reconvened at Jess’s house for a delicious home-cooked meal and some “super-fun-times” after which We went back to the Arts Factory and ate a “stoner surprise”.  I don’t mean “finding roaches in the pot” kind of stoner surprise, I mean a cup containing a scoop of ice cream topped with hot fudge topped with hot brownie topped with more ice cream topped with more hot fudge topped with cocoa powder.  Yes, it was amazing.  It was devoured before I even considered taking pictures of it. 🙂  It was off to bed after that…We were officially DONE.

Our last day/night in Byron was pretty awesome.  There was a good long walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse on which We saw baby dolphins playing in the ocean, a wallaby, a visit to the most easterly point on the Australia mainland and some goon drinking at a candlelight concert.  Most of this can’t really be described in words, so I will let the pictures do the talking and interject when necessary  🙂 enjoy!!

The perfect start to a new day 🙂

The photo above was taken at a hang-gliding ramp.  During Our walk, We came upon someone about to jump so We hung around to watch.  Seeing them strapped to a glider and running off this ramp to glide down to this:

View from hang-glider ramp

Was pretty damn awesome.

Not far from the lighthouse We stopped to look out over the water

and happened to spot some giant black spots swimming erratically.  Upon further inspection, We realized they were dolphins.  Dolphins!!  In the wild!  Not in a zoo, or an aquarium, but like, right freaking there!!

You can kind of see them just over my left shoulder here...
And here is a zoomed photo of one...look close. See the fin sticking out?

It was pretty damn cool to see dolphins just swimming around in the ocean while on a walk.  The view of the lighthouse on the walk was also cool.

The lighthouse at Cape Byron.

We walked all the way up to it and inside it, but the close up pictures aren’t so awesome.

Just past the lighthouse is the most Eastern Point of mainland Australia:


On the walk back, We encountered a man with a camera standing very still staring into the bushes.  Of course, I had to see what was going on, so I crept up and at long last saw a damn wallaby!  Cali had seen several since the first week We arrived in Oz, I hadn’t even seen 1 and it was Our last day there.  Finally 🙂


After the wallaby, We walked back to the campground and started packing up.  We got organized and then went back into “town” to the bottler and picked up some “goon”.

I present to you, the goon.

Yes folks, that’s right, the drink of choice in Byron is “goon” (pronounced: drunken trouble).  I don’t know why they call it that, I always thought it was box-o-wine but that must be far too simple so goon it is.  The picture is actually making it more fancy than it is since most people just remove the bag from the box and drink from it.  We prefer to keep it classy by leaving the bag IN the box and drinking it from nalgene bottles.  That’s right- classy.

That night the Arts Factory hosted a candlelight concert by the pond and there were several talented performers. Drums, hula hooping, guitar playing…and Our surf instructor/best chai maker/awesome chick Jessie-Rose performed.  She was the headliner, actually, and it was the first time We would see her perform live.  She has a beautiful voice and some serious skills.  She writes her own stuff and is working on an album that I simply must own, but she also did a cover of one of my favorite songs.  Jolene.

This same Jessie-Rose also picked Us up at 5am the next day to take Us to the Gold Coast airport for Our departure to Malaysia.  Seriously, she rocks.

Next stop, Kuala Lumpur and another stamp in my passport.

Stay tuned.

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