The Sunshine State… and I don’t mean Florida.

Welcome back, friends.  After getting shot up at paintball, We spent the rest of the week at the beach.  Mostly.  Our temporary home was within walking distance of the beach, so We walked down almost everyday.  One great thing about Queensland is that even in winter, it is sunny.  Hence the name… The Sunshine State.  Fun fact, the name is now The Smart State.  Apparently advertising that it is always sunny in a place that has high skin cancer rates and a hole in the ozone isn’t attracting tourists.  It is very appealing to me though!  I loooove the sun.  I am terrified of skin cancer, but I can’t stay away from the lovely warm feeling I get when the sun is kissing me.  Call it a love affair, if you wish 🙂  Cali, on the other hand, detests the sun so the beach time was mostly for me.  He did bring His camera along on the trips and got some awesome shots (VISIT HIS BLOG HERE FOR THOSE PHOTOS) but he stayed covered and therefor sweltering.  When We weren’t at the beach, We were spending time around the house with the loveys.  We cooked, We played, We watched movies We never got around to watching before, We internetted, We blogged…good times.

On Friday the 29, We all piled in the car and drove down to Mooloolaba.  Contrary to the way it looks, it is not pronounced moo-loo-laba, its more of a muh-LOO-lubuh.  Its not the only funny sounding thing around here, but I enjoy that one in particular…and of course, I call it moo loo laba.  There isn’t much in Mooloolaba except more beach and some shops, so beaching and shopping and eating is what We did 🙂 I even colored a mat at the restaurant.

The epitome of beach fashion.

We wanted candy so bad...
Coloring like a good girl waiting for my food.

The weekend was a lazy one, full of more beach time and movies, but starting on Tuesday was no more lazy.  We left on the 2nd for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk, which means 3 and a half days of hiking and camping.  I don’t know for sure since We didn’t go from the very beginning of the walk to the end, We just jumped in the middle, but I believe We hiked about 40km which is 24 miles.  The views on this hike are amazing…it kind of goes along a ridge over a valley so ever so often you get to look out and compare where you are to where you were.  By the time We finished on Friday, We had walked down the mountain and could look up to where We were and it was almost unbelievable.

The view from the starting point.

Strangler Fig. The seed starts growing in the top of a tree, and grows down it to the ground and strangles the tree.

View from the end of day 1's hike.
Reading a book in the sun until it went down=awesome
Loved this. Our campsite at sundown.

super rad!!
Not quite done yet!
Sunset on night 2

We were retrieved from the hinterland on Friday the 5th and the mister of the house came home late that night as well…the last time he came home, We were shot at.  How would this weekend turn out?

Stay tuned.

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