Sushi ME!

Welcome back, friends.  In case the lunch at The Spirit House wasn’t amazing enough, dinner looked to be comparable-if not better.  As I previously mentioned (HERE), We stopped at the markets on the way home from the restaurant.  We got everything I would need to make SUSHI!!  I had watched my lovely friend make it a few times since We arrived and I felt ready.  Around 8, the married folk got to leave on a much needed date to the movies alone and We stayed at the house with the children and made food.  I did everything on my own except mix the rice and it was quite the experience.  I sliced avocado, cucumber, chilis, and cream cheese.  I peeled prawns and cut up the salmon and tuna.  I added mayo, hand rolled them and sliced them beautifully.  I even made a few “hand rolls” (the ones with the fish on the outside) since someone seems to like those.

Let me just say it was good.   Better than good.  It got me thinking about all the different kinds of sushi I want to make in the future, and the different ways to modify them to suit the people I want to make it for. Lauren, Sam, My kitti and others-watch out, I will blow your MIND with my sushi.  That is all.

Stay tuned…

One thought on “Sushi ME!”

  1. Great job, Meghan! Beyond impressed.

    Please teach me how to do this during our next visit. Yes, I actually want to learn how to prepare a meal. Throw on yer ice-skates, kids… hell hath officially frozen over.


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