I love the smell of Hippies in the morning…

Welcome back, friends.  By now you may be wondering “What, exactly, do hippies smell like in the morning?”.  They smell like chai, bacon, pipe tobacco and happiness.  Some smell like long nights and some smell like new days, but all smell like happy.

We found Ourselves back in Byron Bay, land of happy hippies, on the 17th of Aug.  The bus dumped Us off around 11pm and We walked down to the Arts Factory to claim a campsite and settle in.  It was awesome to arrive and feel immediately at ease with the surroundings.  Since We started Our trip, We just go places, We don’t go back to places.  We set up the house and walked around a bit saying hello to people and relaxing before bed.  One of the first people We ran into was excited to see Us back and welcomed Us with smiles. 🙂  It was rainy, but there was a whole 10 days ahead of Us.

When We went to pay for Our stay the next morning, I asked again about work for accommodation and luckily, there was enough work for me to pay for 8 of my 10 nights!  They had 4 days of dorm cleaning from 10-1 which was just making beds, emptying trash bins and general tidying.  So, that is 12 total hours of doing stuff I would have been doing at home anyway for fun!!  Sounds like a good deal to me 🙂  A fantastic one, in fact.

Today is Thursday 25 August, and so far We have only had one day of sunshine.  During that day, We actually got INTO the ocean.  Cali hadn’t ever been into the ocean and We were in up to Our armpits.  Waves crashing on Our faces and stuff…magical.  Other than that one day, it has rained almost the entire time We have been here.  Because of the rain, We have spent a large portion of Our time watching movies and hanging around the tent.  I touched a lizard one time:

and later that night We attended a “Talent Show” at the Arts Factory that is basically an open mic night.  It was a couple hours of jamming and poetry and music and FUN!!!  The sound is not the best quality but oh well, here is a little glimpse:

Where else can you hear aggressive “rapping” over a beatboxed didgeridoo with accompanying drum?  Exactly.  Nowhere.

Today is my last day of “working” and then We are going to the beach with Jess to surf whether rain or shine.  We have never surfed before and We haven’t quite figured out the surfboard/wetsuit situation, but today IS surfing day.  Tomorrow is Our last day here in Byron-well, Our last day in Australia- and it is coming quickly.

I have very much enjoyed Australia.  It was my first foreign country and aside from everything being ridiculously expensive it was awesome.  Clean, well mannered, happy…I will miss it, but I’m happy to be moving one step closer to going home and hugging my babies.

In roughly 48 hours, a plane will take Us from the Gold Coast International Airport to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  Scared?  Maybe a little.

Stay tuned…

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