A lovely lunch and a smackdown…

Welcome back, friends.  Our next day in Caloundra brought a lunch date that We had long been anticipating.  A reservation at The Spirit House was made more than a month before!  This place is amazing…We walked through a bamboo garden before getting to the restaurant/cooking school set amidst pagodas for private dining and a few ponds. Some photos to illustrate:

One of the entrance ponds
See the monitor lizard in the water? My toes are pointing at it.
Beautiful surroundings

We were led to Our table next to the water and the dining experience began.

Our table had a beautiful view!

The wait staff was very attentive and We were not kept waiting for anything.  We all talked about the menu options, but in the end the food was ordered by Our hosts and We relaxed with a glass of wine.

First to come out was the

Sweet Potato, Ginger Noodle Balls with Szechwan Pepper Glaze
Crispy Pork Belly with Citrus Caramel Sauce


(Cuttlefish Salad)

I forgot to take photos until We had almost eaten it all!  🙂  The cuttlefish salad was so amazing, but so were the other dishes.  I had never eaten any of that before.

The main dishes came out next and were truly a treat.

Yellow Curry of Duck and Roast Waygu Beef with a Red Curry Sauce & Candied Bamboo

and the one that kinda freaked me out even though it was fantastic:

Whole Crispy Fish with Tamarind Chili Sauce
Check out the teeth!!

Yes, that’s a whole fish.

Sometime during the meal, I had to go to the bathroom and this is what I found.  Take a moment to examine the sink/toilet situation…

Eco toilet

You wash your hands in the sink and the water fills the tank and is used to flush the toilet!!  Suh.cool.  I want one (CLICK HERE).  Cool, but not cool enough to keep my attention long with all the yum waiting back on the table.

The food, the wine, and most of all, the company came together to make for an astoundingly lovely experience CLICK HERE for the menu.  The food was delicious and quite the learning experience 🙂 When leaving, We took some more photos ❤  We truly are an attractive bunch.

Aaack they have sticks!

Yes folks, those are bamboo canes the Boys have…and Im afraid They know how to use them :/  The lovely lady got away from hers fast enough to get out her camera and catch me resisting.


Got it away!
Had it...
Going down?
Never surrender!
Running away!

Like I said, a relaxing lunch 🙂  On the way back to the house, We stopped to pick up the items I would need to make sushi by myself for the very.first.time.

Stay tuned!!

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