Another chapter closes…saying goodbye to Sydney.

Welcome back, friends.  Our last few days in Sydney were spent typing blogs, watching Australian movies and trying out a couple new restaurants.  I keep a calendar/day planner type thing in which I write down the things We do everyday…well, almost everyday 🙂  sometimes I forget to write stuff down and when I go back to fill it in I can’t always remember.  I’m sure nobody reads my blog for the minutia of Our day anyway, but it makes for moderately difficult blog writing every now and again.  I mention this because at this moment, I am looking at the calendar and the lack of detail says that either I filled in Our final Sydney days from broken memory, or We actually didn’t do much of ANYTHING.  That illustrates why I have the calendar in the first place-if I don’t write it down, it didn’t happen since I will never again think of it without seeing pictures.  Since not much happened those days, there aren’t many pictures to show :/ Correction, there are NO pictures.

The movies We saw came recommended by some Aussies…one, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, is a movie that apparently everyone, but me, has seen.  I had never even heard of it until it was brought into the house!  How do I love the gays and I’ve never.even.heardofit???  Needless to say, I loved it and it is now one of my faves.  The only thing I still can’t get over is every time I saw the guy from the Matrix (Hugo Weaving) I thought to myself “MISTER Andersonnn”.  Enjoy the trailer for a moment, shall we?

We then watched “The Loved Ones”…it was a pretty awesome, yet totally creepy wtf movie.  I highly suggest watching it.  Now.  Yes, right now.  In case you are in doubt, feast your eyes on this trailer as well 🙂

One morning, Our breakfast was a trip to a chinese seafood restaurant with an interesting way of doing things.  You walk in and sit down and a swarm of asian wait staff comes around carrying dishes showing them to you and asking if you want it.  If you decide to take one, they mark on a sheet of paper that is left with you and somehow ends up being your bill.  There is a lazy susan in the middle of the table so that everyone can reach all the food, and the staff never stops coming.  There must have been 20 of them just making rounds of the restaurant.  Its damn near impossible to stand up or move around once you have chosen your seat and don’t ask questions because they don’t speak english 🙂  it is like christmas in that you don’t really  know what you are about to get unless you are well versed in chinese seafood, and it isn’t always what you wanted or thought it would be.  We were lucky enough to not choose anything that needed to be spat out, and We were in a group of 5 so We all tried quite a few things and ended up only paying around 13$ per person (which is fricking fabulous in Australia, land of expenses).

Another day, We went to Chinatown, which was slightly disappointing…We walked around for about 15 minutes and decided it just wasn’t what We hoped it would be after being to Chinatown in a few other places.  No shop stalls selling textiles and trinkets, just storefront shops and tons of cooked food.  After meandering through “Chineseland”, as Cali says, We saw a sign that said “$3 drinks, all the time” and that caught Our attention!  We climbed the stairs to the Bar Century (the link is purely for the picture, I don’t agree with the review :/) and found a darkish place to sit with large windows overlooking the street and true to the sign, $3 drinks.  Several liquor/mixer choices and all the beers on tap…decisions, decisions.  We hung out there for a while watching the people on the street and then decided to get back on the train and go “home”.

There was a day when Cali decided to head into the city alone to read and explore while I stayed and cleaned up the kitchen in the house…you can take the domesticated chick out of a house to keep, but you can’t keep her from cleaning whatever house she stays at!!  When He came several hours later, He returned bearing gifts!!  The day before when We were out looking for Chinatown, We passed a place called Pie Face that caused me to drool simply by seeing the sign.  He ducked in there to try (another) meat pie and was nice enough to bring me 3 miniature pies.  (Seriously?? Yes.) He brought me a cherry, a pear, and a chocolate and I was in.heaven.  They were delicious!  Well, the pear one, not so much, but the chocolate one especially was divine.

Just above, I mentioned that Cali had gone in to Pie Face to try another meat pie…Since arriving in Australia, We (mostly He) has ventured in to the land of savory pies.  Now, a difference has been discovered between so-called meat pies and steak pies.  “Meat” pies, are gross. “Steak” pies are delicious.  I don’t know what it is about the “meat” pies that makes them so terrible, but they just are.  So bad that there has been major hesitance to try new pies.  Thankfully, We discovered the meat vs steak thing and have been pleasantly surprised by almost every pie from every place since then.  Who are these people who eat those gross pies and LIKE them?  They must be out there…the meat variety are far more common than the steak ones :/  Go out into your supermarket and decide for yourself (if you can find them).

On Tuesday July 12th, We packed up Our things and left the Sydney house for The Blue Mountains and Katoomba camping.  Tent camping.  In zero degree weather.  What.the.hell. were We thinking?

Obviously We didn’t die, but did We temporarily deep freeze?

Stay tuned…

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