A walk along the beaches SOUTH of the bridge :)

Welcome back friends.  Bella, one of Our flatmates, graciously offered to take Us on a walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach and it was beautiful.  A couple hours walking and then a pub lunch that included some group architecture 🙂  There wasn’t much talking along the way and We didn’t do anything but ooh and ah.  One part of the walk went through the most amazing cemetary Ive ever seen…truly beautiful (for a cemetary).  A nap was needed after and before heading back to the city for a party at an abandoned puppet warehouse.  Yes, I said abandoned puppet warehouse 🙂  complete with a human joke machine, belly dancing and burlesque!  It was a going away party for a flatmates boyfriends friend (whew!) and again, We were graciously invited.  Our flatmates really were awesome.  Very pleasant and accommodating and full of great advice.  Here are the days photos:

Swimming pools in the ocean? Yes.

Almost got got!
It was HUGE. Almost a shame that dead people have this view as opposed to the living. Almost.

Bondi Beach
Team effort, GO TEAM!
2 of Our flatmates, Bella and Shane. Sorry Shane 🙂
Think of this as a creepy 8 ball. Drop a ball in its mouth and ask a question and the ball ends up in a lane with a vague answer.
Human joke machine!

This was just creepy...

All in all, another great day.  Our adventures in Sydney would soon be over…

Stay tuned.

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