More from the city of Sydney

Welcome back, friends.  I forgot to mention in the last blog (July 4th) that the wine We chose at Blu36 for Our date was wine from the Winery We visited in Victoria on Our trip to Yarra Valley-Innocent Bystanders.  It was awesome to look at the wine list in this posh place and see they offer the same wine We tried and liked when We visited its home.  Also, We had to be a little American on the 4th, We attempted to make potato salad after Our date…I say tried because apparently mayonnaise is NOT actually mayonnaise here.  It is fricking miracle whip!  The jar of $8 “whole egg mayo” is what We wanted-but We didn’t know that and when at the store, $8 seemed like a ridiculous price to pay and just a fancy way to spend money.  Won’t make that mistake again!

Now, moving along, while in Sydney, We had many adventures.  On the 5th, We were invited to a cult movie night at an underground “viewing space” (read-upper floor of a building with couches, recliners and a big screen).  We saw an amphibious nazi zombie movie called “Shock Waves”


I sat in the flower chair in the 2nd row 🙂

It was definitely interesting and fun!!  Horrible horror indeed 🙂  We just happened to win the door prize (a DVD: Exit Through the Gift Shop”) which was cool.  When We got back to the house, We bought Our bus tickets up the coast ending in Brisbane.

The next day We packed a picnic and headed out to the city again, this time to explore the gardens.  Hyde Park, St Marys Cathedral, Fort McQuarie Point, Royal Botanical Gardens and the Sydney Opera House were all on the agenda, ending with watching the sunset over the bridge and Opera House again-this time from the gardens lawn.

Hyde Park is beautiful!
Love this fountain in Hyde Park

St Marys Cathedral
A picnic with a view ❤
From Pt McQuarie
In the gardens 🙂
Trying to get just the right angle for the photo
These are my favorites!

These were so beautiful.
Giant fruit bats in the trees
RELEASE THE BATS!!! baahahahahaaa
Sydney Opera House-an enchanting structure
Once the sun started going down, these sulfur crested cockatoos were everywhere!!

Pretty great day if I do say so myself.  The next day We went back in to the city to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  I wasn’t feeling great, but a liesurely stroll through the gallery was nice.  You know what else was nice?  The walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach the next day!

Stay tuned…

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