July 4th, or just Monday?

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Ok, now that everyone is back, let’s discuss the least patriotic 4th of July I have celebrated in my life.  Before leaving the US, I made the comment “man, it would be awesome to be in Sydney for the 4th of July…see fireworks over the Sydney Harbour and the Opera House and stuff…”-Cali simply laughed.in.my.face.

“Why would they do THAT?”

Oh.snap.  Never considered that other countries don’t happen to celebrate American Independence Day :/  We ended up in Sydney for the 4th anyway, so We spent the day at the harbour 🙂  It was Our first time in Sydney and there was much to see and do (but no fireworks lol).  Even from the train I was captivated by the Harbour Bridge- it is very impressive.  As soon as We left the train station, We found Ourselves surrounded by tourists and also natives due to the school holidays…that means there were many, MANY people.  We saw camels hanging out with some folks advertising tours in Western Australia, We saw an aboriginal painted up and playing a didgeridoo, We walked around the old part of the city for a bit and made Our way over to the bridge and walked across and back.  Around 5, We found the Shangri-La hotel and headed up to the 36th floor for an amazing view of the Harbour at sunset from Blu 36 where We had a date unlike any other We have been on…nothing short of magical.  Have a look:

Fresh off the train!

Not cute.

Opera House from the bridge 🙂

I squish the Opera House 🙂

From the 36th floor!
From the entrance looking at Our table in front of the window ❤

Our dinner 🙂

What other adventures did We find in Sydney?  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “July 4th, or just Monday?”

  1. I came, I saw, and I send my love!

    I love the picture of the two of you over looking the lights of the town. I miss you guys!!!

  2. Haaaaay! I was wondering about this elusive fantastic page… Thanks for the invite. Some truly incredible photos. Heres to fuckin traveling!,my lifeblood. Keep up the good stuff off the beaten trail. Been following you on the facespace as well. I’ll try to be more interactive on it. Some cool images on that too. Love

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