Skipping, its the new walking…

Welcome back, friends.  This blog is going to link the last blog (Mornington Peninsula) to July 4th (which starts Our fun back up again 🙂 ).  After visiting the Peninsula, We basically didn’t do anything for Our last few days.  We had spent all the money and done everything We had to do, so We hung out around the house and got to know the family We were staying with.  I spent a lot of time with Eva, the 8yr old girl, putting together puzzles and playing games…I miss my girls terribly so I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was hanging out with the 8 yr old 🙂  We researched accommodations in Sydney since that would be Our next destination, and found a room in a house on Craig’s List that was just the right price and location!  We couldn’t do anything but “look” at what We might do when the 1st rolled around.  On Friday morning, We watched the bank account to see what the time/date difference would do to His pay schedule…turns out He gets paid basically a day later than He has for the past 10 years or so :/  Knowing the money would deposit eventually-even though it hadn’t when We left-We left the Antonopoulos house for the last time and managed to find things to do overnight until heading for Melbourne’s Southern Cross station on the morning of the 2nd.  That day, We started making Our travel arrangements for heading in the direction of Sydney.  This proved difficult because Tiger Airlines (the cheapest way to get anywhere here) cancelled ALL their flights.  Them being the cheapest means that there were a shit ton of displaced travellers…We didn’t even want to fly, We wanted to train or bus, but all the busses and trains were full of Tiger’s newly stranded passengers.  It was chaos.  We went to many kiosks to see if there was anything We could get-We were due to arrive at Our room the next day and it takes about 12 hours to drive from Melbourne to Sydney!  Finally, one of the train companies We spoke to decided to rent coach busses to transport all the overflow business they were losing, but the bus tickets would be the same price as the train tickets were :/  whatevs, We now had a way to get to Sydney.  The bus wouldn’t be leaving for a few hours and would be driving Us overnight so We found a coffee shop with wi-fi and just hung out near the station.  During the great ticket hunt, We had found out that the Southern Cross Station is huge!  It covers so much ground and has so many escalators and stairs.  We were worn out by the time We purchased the tickets and got to relax…I mean, We were carrying Our packs during all this walking.  My knees were holding up well and Our backs did not give out, but it was tiring to say the least.  Our packs were down to 16kg and 25kg (35 and 55lbs) which is not exactly featherweight, but much lighter than they had been previously.  We had gotten rid of some clothes, paper, more of Our travel book sections.  I mailed some cards and trimmed every spare oz possible.

So anyway, We got on the bus around 7pm on Saturday and arrived around 7am Sunday morning to Sydney Central Station.  We found Our proper train to Our new home base station (Sydenham) and were picked up by Mike.  Mike is the friendly American who posted the CL add about the room-he was nice enough to come and get Us from the station so We could put down Our packs and get some rest from the long night.  He took Us to the house and then took Us on a stroll through the neighborhood to point out the supermarket (Banana Joe’s) the Thai food places that rock, the Farmers Market and other necessary info.  Mike and his gfriend Hillary would be going to Cairns for a week and We would be renting their room in a house that has 3 other flat mates-Ellie, Bella and Shane (whom you will all meet later).  We took a nap quite early in the day but it didn’t do much for the state of exhaustion We were in…We talked to the other flatmates for a while about local things to do and the plans that We had for the city and listened carefully to their local advice.  Glad We did-it made Our 4th of July memorable and incredibly romantic.

Stay tuned…

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