Sleepy holiday town.

Welcome back, friends.  Today We go to the Mornington Peninsula and the town of Rye.  Our hosts have a holiday house there and for whatever reason there was reason to drive down there, so We tagged along and got to see the Peninsula.  Well, kind of.

We saw fog.  While We were there it didn’t seem possible that it was fog, and We were sure that it was ash from the recent volcanic eruptions, but We later found out that it was just freakish fog.  That was the only day it was foggy, according to the news and other people who went down there in the following days…It was pretty, but there was not a ray of sun to be seen…actually, there was nothing to be seen.  In the last picture up there, there are 3 barely perceptible boats, and that was the best view of them.  The rest of the time We couldnt even see them!  What should you do when faced with a foggy beach in the Mornington Peninsula??  Eat fresh baked bread and locally produced wine of course!!

Happy campers!

That pretty much sums up Our trip to “The Peninsula”.  Another good day.

For  more good times, stay tuned…

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