We are all a little mad here…or, The blog of the signs.

Welcome back folks, to the blog where the author doesn’t know whats going on and has no concept of “next”. 🙂 maybe you did and maybe you didn’t notice, but my last blog informed you that the “Dandenong Mtns were up next”…well, the Dandenong Mtns were the blog before last, and alas, We did not go again…so instead you get the Melbourne Botanical Gardens system blog 🙂

First, We took the train into the city and posed for the paparazzi (me).  The brown river is the “upside down” Yarra River.  The sediment flows on top of the water, and under that is quite clear…wtf?

We went to the:

and enjoyed walking around inside for a while.

Next up, across the street:

We are "here". Queen Victoria Gardens

Yes, thats coffee in my hand.  No, I don’t have a coffee problem 😛

King's Domain Gardens next...
Royal Botanical Gardens
What the sign says.

He takes pictures 🙂

Speaking of, if you want to see pictures from the gardens that day, and not just pictures, but beautiful pictures of beautiful things, check out Calis blog HERE.

After the gardens, We caught some more public transportation to St Kilda beach for the sunset and a picnic 🙂

Again, His pictures are awesome from the beach, so check them out.

That is how We closed out Our day.  We found wine and wifi on the way back to the house at Cafe Promenade.  It was a great day.  I spent more time looking around than taking pictures which is why this is the blog of the signs lol but there are some great shots of the gardens and the Gallery and the beach in His blog.  His blog tends to be mostly pictures, and good ones at that!

Up next, Footy game.  I think…

Stay tuned.

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