Not quite football…

Welcome back folks.  Today, I will not confuse the everloving crap out of you by trying to explain Australian Rules Football, a.k.a. Aussie Rules, a.k.a. Footy, a.k.a. AFL.  Instead I link you to the all knowing Wikipedia: Australian Rules.  Its quite confusing unless there is a seasoned fan sitting next to you explaining what in the hell is going on.  We saw it on the tv when We first arrived in Melbourne and realized that it was something of a big deal to Australians, so going to a game seemed like an “Aussie” thing to do!  There happened to be on the following weekend, and it was projected to be a good game.  Lucky US!  It was a Richmond vs. Melbourne game and the attendance was right around 62,000 people…We had some amazing seats, which was awesome as well.  Our host family came to the game with Us and We made the train ride and seat hunt together, only losing 1 of the 3 children only once the whole day 🙂  Oh, and I ate oreo cookies.  Pretty good day if you ask me. ❤

Famed MCG

From Our seats

Melbourne won.  They are both “Melbourne teams” but, I guess someone had to lose right?

Next We visit the Mornington Peninsula and Rye before leaving Melbourne for Sydney.

Stay tuned…

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