Throw a chicken on the “baaaaahbee”

Welcome back friends!  Today you will enter into the wonderful land of an authentic Greek/Australian barbecue.  The meat was marinated overnight and then skewered onto an electric rotisserie and slowly cooked over charcoal.  Friends were invited over, wine was plentiful and everyone had a great time.  The meat was amazing…you cut off the done parts, and then let it keep cooking, and then cut off the done parts and so on until all the meat is golden.  Of course, you do start eating at the first cut.  Thats when everyone has to “try it” to make sure it is delicious, and then it just kind of disappears.  Here are some captioned photos from that night…

Before the first cut.
Oliver, the oldest, expresses how he feels about dinner. 2 thumbs up!!
First cutting.
See!! He can smile! Thats Arthur in the back (Our host).
Hi Maria 🙂
Gracious host and master of the BBQ, Arthur.
Hostess and mini hostess, Bec and Eva.
Happy hungry crew at a barbecue ❤
Cali getting in on the cutting
And the meat goes on, and on, and on...

See how the meat is all skinny in the last one?  That is after a few cuts and wont be cut again.  Its so awesome that ALL the meat gets the same heat treatment and golden crusty goodness all the way in.  It was a relaxing night and Im not sure what makes it authentic other than they are real Greeks and We were really in Australia…

Dandenong mountains up next…

Stay tuned.

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