Ding Dang Dong

Welcome back friends.  We arrived and settled into the Antonopoulos household on Friday night.  There was “Footy” (Australian Rules Football) on the television and We sat with the man of the house to watch and learn.  Arthur explained the rules and answered all of Our questions until We felt We had the hang of it.  It was then that We decided We needed to attend a game in person.  After watching footy, I headed off to bed…

The next morning, We got up and walked down to the shopping center up the road to look around and pick up a few things and then came back and got  to know Our hosts a little better.  I put together a puzzle or 2 with the littlest one, Eva, and just had general conversation throughout the day.  The next day, Sunday, We were invited to go to the Caribbean Market with the family-so We of course accepted.  It was essentially a giant flea market like We would have found in the US, but instead of being full of Mexicans, it was full of Asians.  I can’t explain how it was strange, but it was.  We walked around a while and purchased a pair of “pants” for me, a knee brace and a pair of headphones.  After returning to the house, We went to the market to call home and wish my mom a happy birthday.  She didn’t answer, but I did talk to my gma and my Sam.  We went out to a Persian Dinner while Our hosts went to a Greek Christening.  (The family is Greek.  Very.  Fact: Melbourne Australia has the highest concentration of Greeks outside of Athens.)  The Persian food was pretty awesome, except the dessert.  The dessert was gross.  Cali liked it, which is strange since He doesn’t dig on dessert, but it makes sense since I didn’t like it 🙂  One had rosewater in it and I detest the smell of roses, the other was more savory than sweet so it was just disappointing…but the meal itself was sooo.goood.  There was a group of “Persians” (could have been Iranian or other) and they were all speaking their native language enjoying a family style dinner and that was a nice part of the experience as well.

Monday was declared a “day of rest” so I could rest my knee and stay off of it as much as possible.  I read more of my book and did some blogging until it was time to make dinner.  We made duck.  The duck were caught and killed by Arthur and Cali came up to the challenge of cooking them.  He (and I) never made duck before so it was an experience, but it turned out well.  Note: there is not much meat on a duck and with the exception of large ones should probably be used to make stock instead of for eating the meat.

Tuesday morning, We got up early and Bec drove Us out to the Dandenongs.  Its a low mountain range in Southern Australia that We had intended to take a bus through, but she offered to drive Us so that We could actually experience the day, not just ride through it.  We drove through the mountains for most of the day making a few stops for coffee, wine and toilets.  We had Quiche, cake and coffee at a cute little place, We had a glass of wine at a hotel pub, and bought a bottle or 3 at a winery in Yarra Valley on the way back to the house.  It snowed on Us for part of the drive, and Bec had never been in active snowfall before so it was pretty cool to be there for that as well.  Here are the pictures from Our day in what Cali calls the “Ding Dang Dong Mountains”.

Steering wheel on the right??

Coffee break!
Inside was nice and warm (and cute!).

Debris on the road from the strong winds the night before.
The dragon in the snow 🙂

Innocent Bystanders?? Us? Yes 🙂

We arrived at the house just in time to start making dinner.  Cali and I cooked again and introduced these Greek Aussies to enchiladas.  It was pretty tasty, as per usual.  The cheese in Australia is way different to what We are used to so it tasted…different, but still pretty darn good.

The next day, We would be treated to a good old fashioned charcoal bbq souvlaki.  What is that?  Does it taste good?

Stay tuned…

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