Point “A” to point “B”.

Welcome back, folks. After an amazing week in Bimbi, We woke up Friday and made coffee, then headed to the office to find out what time Pat and Cyril would be leaving for Apollo Bay. We quickly learned that We had 10 minutes to pack up and load up before they would be leaving! And the race against time began…We packed with lightning speed, said goodbye to Kat and the park, hopped in the truck and went back to “The Bay”. ETA 10am.

I find things to do in the car 🙂

They happened to be going right across the street from where We needed to be, so that worked out nicely 🙂 After buying Our bus tickets from Apollo Bay to Melbourne at the visitor center, We went back to the coffee shop “Wickens”, where We previously discovered good coffee and wifi, to wait the 3 and a half hours for the bus. I called my kids, We worked on photos, and were just generally lazy. It rained off and on but remained a beautiful day.

Our welcome back to Apollo Bay ❤

We got on the bus around 2pm and made the same amazing drive that We had made Our first day in Australia on the “Prince’s Highway”, a.k.a. the Great Ocean Road. Making the drive the opposite direction during a sunny midday meant We would get to see the breathtaking views the darkness had covered previously. It was…impossible to describe.

Wow, even the signs are polite in Australia!

The bus took Us to the Geelong train station where We caught a train to the Southern Cross Station. The Southern Cross train station is an astounding piece of architecture. It has a fun looking wavy roof and (We would later learn) is a GIANT station. We were only there for minutes, long enough to call Our new host and alert her of Our arrival and then find the proper platform to get to her.

Waiting momentarily...
Our platform at Southern Cross station

We got on the train, got off again and were swiftly picked off the street by 2 beautiful ladies…Eva (9 years old) and Bec (the mom).

How would Cali fare in a house with 3 kids under 13 and what would We do for 10 days in Melbourne’s suburb of Forest Hill?  Stay tuned…

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