Day 2 a.k.a. Trail of Mud

Welcome back, friends!!  Day 2 of the Great Ocean Walk was, how shall I put this…re-damn-diculous.   6.5 miles of mud?  Really?  Yes, really.  Im not going to say much because it would become “R” rated quickly and I like it that my children and sisters read my blog.  Let’s just say, We spent 7 hours plodding along carrying what felt like a hundred lbs, through constant slipping, sliding, twisting and being saved by Our trekking poles.  At the end of the days walk, We came out on a beautiful beach at Blanket Bay.  It was worth it, but DAMN it sucked.  The camera was put away about an hour in, but here’s what We got…

A turtle's pace.

 That is a narrow section of the trail.

just... 😦

 That is a closeup of the mud.  Ankle to calf deep the entire way.  The woods We were walking through was beautiful, Im sure, I just wish I could have seen it in person instead of just these pictures.  I was too busy watching the ground to look around.  Cali saw 2 wallaby but I saw nothing but mud.  When We walked on to the beach at the end of the day, We were done for.  Absolutely filthy and unable to shower,

sexy socks and sandals

We had dinner with some other walkers, took a walk on the beach after dark and spotted some southern hemisphere constellations (and a dead penguin) and then passed.out.

What happened on the 3rd day of Our Great Ocean Walk?

Stay tuned…

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