Great Ocean Walk Day 1

Welcome back, friends.  Like I told you previously, We had the first 2 nights in Australia at “Apollo Bay Backpackers” in Apollo Bay. On Friday, We woke up, I tried to call my kids (they were at church) and then called my mom and my Lauren (all from a payphone) and We were on Our way down the Great Ocean Walk (GOW). This is an approximately 65mile walk from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead/12 Apostles along the southern coast of Australia in Victoria. Yes-65.mile.walk. Oh, sorry, 65 mile walk carrying about 85lbs between Us. My pack weighs almost 30lb and His almost 55. Too much? Maybe, but whateryagonnado, ya know? We have everything We own with Us.

In the beginning...

At around 945 We were officially on the GOW. The first 20 minutes or so were all in town along the road and then a turn down a dirt path led Us to the first beach of the day. It was pretty fantastic. Since it was low tide I was able to poke around the tide pools and walk on the rocks. We walked across the beach and up on to another path. The first day of the walk took Us through so many different types of landscape and brought some amazing views. The last 45 minutes or so (after we walked through/across a *cold* river) was almost straight uphill which just about killed Cali. We left His pack on the path and continued on to the campsite to rest for a few minutes before We both went back to carry His pack up together.  By the end of the day, We had walked almost 6 and a half miles (10.4 kilometers).  Here are some pictures from the days walk:

The color of the water is amazing...
Along the road at first.

A happy Walker
A little learnin'

So pretty
Boardwalk, boardwalk.

Our walking sticks make great sand drawing tools!
Rocky beaches=great tidepools

Every now and then...
Mouth of the river We crossed...

We set up camp in the Elliot Ridge walk-in campsite and spent Our first night in Our new house 🙂

We made dinner inside the tent (I know, you aren’t supposed to, but it was cold and We were tired).

Do not try this at home...

Our sleeping bags kept Us cozy all night and We woke up well rested and ready for another day of walking in Australia.

Stay tuned!

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