The land of OZ

Welcome back, friends. I did not catch up my US blog before We left, and while my heart is broken-I’m over it. I will finish…jut no yet.  Besides, We are in fricking AUSTRALIA now so I’m having trouble being excited writing about last year. Ya dig? Good.
So We arrived in Apollo Bay Australia around 7pm Wed June 8, 2011. We boarded a plane in San Fran which took Us to LA, then one that took Us to Auckland New Zealand (13 hours), then another to Melbourne where We went through customs and headed for the Gull busline. We got on the Gull bus ($30 a ticket) and rode to the Geelong station where We waited 3 hours to take another bus 3 hours to Our hostel. The driver said it was too cold for Us to walk from the bus stop, so He drove Us to the door. 🙂 very nice. We arrive, pay, get acquainted and find out that We have gone to the dorm location and not the private room location-so the manager drove Us to Our room! We are bunking in a shared cabin (private room, shared bathroom and kitchen) with a french couple. They have been traveling the world as well for a few months.  Both are my age and they’ve been together for about 7 years. Super cute. They will return to france after Bolivia 🙂 After We put Our heavy ass backpacks in Our room, We bundled up and walked to the grocery store for food and wine. Word to the wise-Australia is VERY expensive. About 2-3 times the cost in the US…so plan for that. We had spaghetti for dinner and hit the bed. We had been traveling so long already that sleep was a welcome thought. The time change and excessive flying made me feel as if I were on a boat when standing still. My head was swimming, my balance was off, I was groggy. When we went to bed at 9pm here, it was 6am in TX. 6am in the past!! Thats right folks…I’m in your future, like it or not!
We woke up this morning, had a quick shower and a cup of coffee with some “morning bubbles” (rice krispies) and left for the info center. Since We aren’t driving, We are walking everywhere and its DAMN COLD. Its in the low 50sF. Boo. Speaking of driving, they drive on the left here which is odd to see. The driver sits on the right side and you drive on the left? Weird. The exits are on the wrong side, the fast lane is to the right…Looking into cars next to you and not seeing anyone in the “driver” seat is freaky. So yeah, We showered and went to the info center which was very very helpful. They gave Us all the info we needed for the walk, called local businesses with Our questions, supplied tons of info and directed Us to a coffee shop with free wifi just up the road. Success.
That brings me to now…sitting in “Wickens provedore and deli” drinking coffee (tiny cup, no refill, 4.50$) and talking to you. Checked facebook, uploaded some pics, checked email (catching up on Lisas fabulous life blog is a highlight) and made some more travel arrangements. This is a trip of a lifetime and I’m getting to do it with someone who cares about me greatly and truly enjoys having me around-even when I’m a poophead.
We are having fun, We are being safe, and We are loving each other…you all should do the same.
Stay tuned, mate.

One thought on “The land of OZ”

  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see entries on Australia here. It is expensive, but we have good coffee! Everything is expensive here. The US dollar has halved essentially…that makes things tricky for you guys. Hope we are worth it though!

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