Prove it.

Welcome back, friends.  I begin this blog with a confession: Somehow, We managed to lose any picture related to any happenings on the adventure after dropping Stephen off at the airport until We enter Colorado.  This means Idaho (Hagerman Fossil Beds, Minidoka National Historic Site, Craters of the Moon, City of Rocks) never happened, Utah (Timpanogos Cave National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument, Golden Spike National Historic Site) never happened.  Also in Utah, We finally met someone We had been friends with for a while on the interwebz in real life 🙂  she experienced her first hook suspension with Us and opened her home to Us for Our stay in the Salt Lake City area.  She accompanied Us on the  Golden Spike adventure and took Us to “Peach Days” I believe.  It was like a county fair in small town Utah and We enjoyed it thoroughly!  I’m not sure the townsfolk enjoyed having Us-it was hard to tell 😛  We saw and did so much in those 2 states that has vanished into thin air…I mean, there are no pics on the hard drive, the computer, the phone pics, facebook…I know I posted while We were out and about.  It makes no sense, but it is what it is, and they are gone.

I don’t think it’s exactly true to say that I don’t remember what happened, but let’s be honest…We saw a million and 7 rocks( and rock “formations”) and I can say I don’t remember any of the places that remain misplaced as being particularly spectacular enough that I can pick it out of any of the others in my mind’s eye without labeled photos.  I can say that does a great job of telling you about each place and that most of them deserve a vacation visit which would (could) be very memorable.  Just not rolled into the whirlwind We ride on without pictures.  Yanno?  Good.  Moving on.

I have been known to say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen” and I stand by that.  Not having any pictures-I hereby declare Idaho and Utah never happened.  What did happen?

Stay tuned 🙂

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