Headed West! or Goodbye Y’all…

Dear (you),
We’re at it again! I had my last day of working at the Sunshine Cafe April 29th, and it was amazing. So much love given to me by the Sunshine family of regulars and newbies. I love the place, the people, the FOOD! The owner, David, has always been good to me and has become like family since he hired me 6 years ago, as have his wife and kids. My kids and I returned on May 1st to have Sunday breakfast with the “Sunday crowd”, and I was presented with a homemade lemon cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite). I miss that place. Mucho. Also on May 1st, We emptied Our Lockhart house and headed to Austin for the week.
The first week of May was spent saying goodbye to Austin. Squeezing in lots of Sammy time, seeing La when she had time, getting clothes made, shopping etc. We had dinner with Amira, moments (not enough) with April, Danzig show at Stubbs, my birthday party, some Jen, Jesse, nother Jen, and some other stuff. I know I’m leaving things out but you get the point.  🙂  Lauren had school all the time so not much time with her :\  but there was alot of Sammy time which makes me happy.
I also spent my last weekends with my babies and saidgoodbye to my fam 😦 My girls and I had fun together and talked about being sad and happy at the same time. We also celebrated my big girl turning 9 with a dinner at Melting Pot. We surprised her with it- its her favorite- and fun was had by all.  I’m not going to detail my special time with them here, that’s mine :), but at the end it was decided we are going to miss each other and can’t wait to be together again. I cheated and said goodbye to them at a petting zoo equipped birthday party to eliminate tears. (mine and theirs) I miss them so.damn.much.

On May 9th, the friend I’ve had the longest, mah jazzypoo, and her hubby (!) invited Us over for an amazing birthday dinner. She made pizza from scratch, yes- dough too, and made rasberry creme brulee!! OMG it was sooooooo gooooooood! One reason We had stayed in TX so long was Jasmin getting married on April 1st. I can’t express how happy I am for them. Insanely happy.

Later on the 9th, We waited for Ammerfaces flight to get in so We could say bye, and headed to Victoria, TX- home of Calis BFFF Cheryl. Being with her and the fam for 6 days was food for Our souls. They talked, we talked, there was hugging, crying, churching, bible writing inning, and enchiladaing as well as fishing, storying, swimming and driving among other thing…s. Cheryl and I have come a long way over these 3.5 years, and I’m thankful that we have. I love you.

We managed to pack ALL of Our things and stuff inside Our packs, including the stuff that will normally be on the outside. If you’ve never made your backpacking equipment airplane travel ready, you don’t understand this accomplishment, but accomplishment it is! There was some leftover odds and ends that are travelling with Us in the United States but not over seas that needed its own bag.  Altogether- a backpack each, a small bag, the camera and Our “satchels”. That’s everything We own 🙂 Cheryl drove Us to the Houston airport on May 16th so We could say goodbye to TX and HELLO Nemexico! This goodbye was also managed without tears.

We were scooped up by Lisa and DJ at the Albuquerque, New Mexico airport and whisked away to her super cute apt and Miss Mary Poppins. There was lots of laughter, some Stephen, some drinks, lots o snacks (thx girl!), and too.much.fun. I have been missing the Lisa in my life since We were last here and I’m taking in as much as I can until We leave!

We took a long walk this morning, just to get moving, and then I showered and got ready to go.  I’m writing this blog from a greyhound bus en route from ABQ to Las Cruces to see Alicia, Dorian and Aidyn!! (Remember the angel and then the daughter and the tattoo shop and they have a baby now and *squeee* I get to squish a baby!…) I will be there in about 2 more hours and will be with them for tonight and tomorrow/night. I haven’t gone anywhere without Cali in quite some time and its an odd feeling.  One I’m not likely to know again for a while after I return 🙂
I guess that’s all for now.

I must mention that I am MORE than excited about going to Las Vegas next week. If I don’t hug and love my Angela soon, I might die. Same goes for seeing LLE smile! ❤ While my birthday has been celebrated in Austin, and Lisa and I spoke of an ABQ celebration, Las Vegas is my hearts desire when I turn my years over- and I am on my way.


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