Be jealous ‘Twilight’ fans…

Welcome back, friends. This blog will be mostly pictures since the scenery is the real story
here.  Overview:  We left Seattle to head to Northwest Washington State through Forks (yes, Twilight fans-Forks), La Push, and Neah Bay to Cape Flattery.  Cape Flattery is the northwestern most  point of the contiguous US…the literal end of the earth.  Like, literally.

We set up camp at Kalaloch Campground and when I say it was on the beach, I mean ON the beach.  There was a row of campsites between Us and the beach, but from the site, We could see the ocean.  Rad.  We drove through Forks, La Push, 3 Rivers, Rialto Beach…all the areas where the “Twilight” series is set.  Not where it was filmed, but where it was set.  La Push beaches were pretty damn amazing.  While it was colder than I would have liked, the sights were fantastic.  We stopped at the “treaty line” of 3 Rivers to get some “Twilight” memorabilia for Zoe, including a button with a picture of the store where I bought it and a picture of me holding the button in front of the store and treaty line sign.  “NO VAMPIRES ALLOWED”.

The next day We explored Ruby Beach (which was supposed to have pink sand and DID NOT), The Dungeness Spit, Hurricane Ridge, Port Angeles, Neah Bay and The Cape.  The Dungeness Spit is one of the world’s longest (longest in US) and oldest naturally occurring sand spits!!  In the same area was the way to Mt Olympus.  I have to admit I was pretty excited about seeing  Mt Olympus.  Im not sure why, but I was.  We drove out to the visitor center, but We couldn’t really go on any hikes since I was gimpy.  We got a few pictures out there and I got to see it, and that made me happy.

black spot in sky=BALD EAGLE!! HOH Rainforest
This one here is Mt Olympus 🙂
The only road to the Dungeness Spit...
Dungeness Spit from the trail

The Spit Beach

Travelling on, We drove through Neah Bay and got lost before arriving at Cape Flattery.  Well, We arrived at the trailhead to Cape Flattery.  We didn’t know there was going to be a 1 mile walk to it.  I recently fell down a mountain remember?  I was barely getting around all these beaches on the crutches (hiding them in pictures :/) and that was flat ground.  This was…not.  We took it slow, but We went.   I was determined to get there even with a dumb, I mean bum, leg. :\  We saw big slugs and other bugs on the way out there.  Stuff I never saw before, even in books.  Once We got to the end, it was a point…I mean, the trail ends where the ground, and all earth around you comes to a point.  There is a small bush/tree at the end, and I’m sure its roots help prevent erosion, but there is literally ground all around and then a corner and then water.  Just water as far as you can see.

A glimpse of the Cape

Sea Caves


Looking over the edge 🙂
The end.

We stopped in Neah Bay for dinner at a cute little restaurant on the water.  It had large windows and the sun setting over the water was nice to watch with Our meal.  It made for a  very cute date. ❤  It was a longish drive back to camp and We had an exciting day to wake up to.  Stephen will be joining the adventure in Portland Oregon.  ETA 2:55pm.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Be jealous ‘Twilight’ fans…”

  1. Enjoying your pictures and adventure. My wife and I had breakfast this morning at the Sun Shine Cafe in Lockhart.

    good luck,

    The Etheredges

    1. Thanks for taking a peek! I love sharing this adventure through my blog and its encouraging to know people read it 🙂
      p.s. I miss breakfast at sunshine ❤ next time you go, please think of me so I can be there even if only in your head!!

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