Cascading down the mountain

Welcome back, friends. Last time, We went camping and hiking with Chelsey-this time, Sammy makes a guest appearance. He had been in town a few days already (since We had “surprised” him at the club). We obtained possession of him and left a day later than anticipated due to rain. It rains a lot in Washington if you didn’t already know that…

We left Monday August 23rd for Our New Halem campsite. It was time to explore the Cascades! By the time We got there, it was dark. We built Our house, and hung out a bit before heading to bed in preparation for the next day’s hike. We scoped out the maps and decided to hike out to Blue Lake on Liberty Bell Mountain which is in the Okanogan National Forest. Pretty steeply uphill and only a 4.5 mile trek, but hey- what the heck 🙂 We walked through the forested mountainside, pausing in the shade when there was shade to be found, and marveling at the diverse scenery from mountains to lone flowers among dead brush. I will mention again that it was a steep incline We were on. We made it to the lake, and it was decidedly well worth the walk up. There were more people there than We would have liked, and some of them had dogs or were fishing, but We were able to find a spot to sit where We were essentially alone. The water and surrounding peaks were almost unbelievably beautiful…the kind of pretty you find in a painting. Water so clear and crisp it reflected like a mirror. A green magic mirror. It was pretty cold, I mean, there was snow along the banks, but We did get awfully hot on the way up. Sam took the plunge and declared it refreshing! I on the other hand stayed warmly on a rock :/ Noooooo thank you. We didn’t rest for very long before heading back down. That steep walk up looked entirely different and welcoming on the way back down.

On the drive out to the trailhead.

The scenery from where We stopped to have lunch on the way.
Off We go!
A good visual of the trail We were on.

First glimpse of Blue Lake

*le sigh*

If you’ve ever been hiking in the mountains or just in hilly areas, you know that it is almost impossible to not jog when coming down a steeper hill. The momentum of your body gets you going faster and it seems easier and like you are covering more ground with a lope instead of plodding along. I was feeling rather good on the way down. Invigorated, if you will, by Our rest next to the snow fed lake. I was in front of Cali and Sam (usually I am not) and I wasn’t exactly jogging, but I was walking with a longer, faster stride, until…CRASH!BANG!SLIIIIIIIIIIDE! I fell.down.the mountain. My toe caught on a root sticking up from the path and I landed on my knee during my intentional lean to NOT fall OFF the mountain. Once my knee hit, I slid for a goooooood ways, until…I was stopped by a large rock protruding from the path. What.the.heck. We are still about a mile or more from the bottom. The trail is not wide enough for them to assist me. We moved along right away while shock still allowed me to pretend it didn’t hurt that bad 😦 Once We got to the car, I sat down and wasn’t able to stand on my own again for a few days. Suck.

So I took pictures of their faces in the car on the way back 🙂

Hard at work

The guys took great care of me though. They all but carried me to the bathroom, the car, the tent, the table, the wherever while We were at the campsite and didn’t let me ruin it for them, they went on a hike together after a lazy day at camp and left me to feel helpful around the campsite. I love those guys!! The more complete version of the falling down the mountain can be found (HERE).

Moving on, We had a lazy day Wed and the boys went on Their solo hike Thurs. They returned from their hike with this story of almost being eaten by a bear. A freaking bear. To be honest, They don’t even know if it was for sure a bear since They never saw it…just heard it growl at them SEVERAL times. As they approached a large tree and brush area, they were told by a large sounding animal, in no uncertain terms, that They should return from whence They came and not continue further. See what happens when I let Them out alone??

Around the bend...

They weren’t gone very long which was good since by the time They got back, it was beginning to rain and the weather reports showed no sign of it letting up once it started. With me being invalid, it would be harder to function properly in rainy weather, so it was again time to go.

Side note: I think it should be said that Sam, like Chelsey, suggested We make s’mores and while sitting at the fire suggested We tell ghost stories-and then didn’t know any ghost stories. What’s up with that?? I digress…

On the way back to Seattle, We went to Deception Pass. Its pretty awesome and has a walkway across the bridge which is much easier to navigate when you have full use of both of your legs Check it out (HERE).

Narrow walkway=not for the handicapped

We made it back to Seattle and Chelsey thankfully had some crutches I could use. Once I had those bad boys, I was in business. We got dressed up and headed out to a dance club. Yes, on crutches. Did you forget I’m gangster? Pay attention. We went to TRINITY nightclub as a fabulous group and had a fabulous time.

Just outside 🙂

That was the last big time in Seattle before We would be running off to another destination. Sam stayed with Us in the house until he had to return on the 29th and the night before that, Our friend Amira flew in to visit a friend and was able to stop by and say hi! It was nice seeing people from home out on the road. Tuesday the 31st, We packed up Our stuff and headed to Chelsey’s for one last night in Seattle. As with most of the months, the 1st brought a new adventure.

Stay tuned…

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