Miracle campers and the Warped Tour

Welcome back, friends. There are not a ton of pictures to go with this blog, except the Warped Tour, but there’s a story.  Grab your snuggie and settle in.

We camped at the Moss Creek Campground which is near Mt St Helens.  The campsite We chose online was in an offshoot section with only one other campsite, which was unoccupied. There was a bathroom (not like sink and running water bathroom, but a place to poop that was clean enough I didn’t prefer going outside).  It was also right next to the water.  When the tent was set up, We were within 5 feet of the running creek.  The water sounded awesome when We were going to sleep at night! One of Our fave campsites I believe 🙂 

Our campsite 🙂

We intended to get up early to go on a hike, but We slept in instead.  We decided since We didn’t go in the cooler early morning, We would wait until after lunch time so We wouldn’t bake in the noontime sun.  We were making sandwiches and having coffee when a car pulled up.  A man and a woman got out and walked over to Us a little hesitantly.  They proceeded to tell Us about when they had camped at this exact site 33 or 34 years prior!

They were hitchiking and talking to people about God all across the country.  They had arrived at this campsite by accident long before and as it was a quite out of they way place, they were stuck there for 3 or 4 days before anyone came by.  It had been raining and they didn’t have food. They used sticks, shoestrings and safety pins for fishing poles with no bait…and they had been praying.  After 3 days, during a particularly stormy day, a car drove up and called them over.  A woman gave them 5 loaves of bread in a brown paper bag.  At the same time, all 3 of their fishing poles caught a fish.  They were able to eat well until finding another ride onward. 

The man told Us his story of finding God and finding his wife and their story…he also told Cali he felt like Cali had a message for him.  Too bad Cali didn’t know what it was.

After talking to them for a while, We told them they were welcome to stay and hang out but that We were going on a hike 🙂  The hike was lovely

A rainbow at the waterfall 🙂

and when We got back, they were gone…Bob and Melissa, thanks!! We hope all is well with you and yours.

While driving to Our next campsite at Potholes, We detoured at a sign.  What We found was a Stonehenge-esque monument to washington war veterans called “Stonehenge Memorial“. It was pretty cool.

The Washington State replica- Stonehenge is a memorial to local WA soldiers lost in WWI. and overlooks the Columbia Gorge. Visiting Stonehenge is free and shares a site with Maryhill Museum, a world-class collection of art ranging from early 20th century European works to an extensive Native American collection

In the middle of nowhere, walking up on it.
Standing inside


I like what I did here 🙂

The next day, Chelsey and her friend Sabrina met Us at Potholes and We all headed out to the Vans Warped Tour!!  It was at the Gorge and it was awesome.  A friend of Chelseys named Jimi had the Trojan Condom booth at the concert and hooked Us all up.  We got in free and hung out with the bands afterwards at the busses.  Iiiiiiiit was pretty sweet. 

We've arrived!!
View of main stage from top of the hill...check out the scenery behind it!

We got to see Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band.  One of the members is a friend of my best friends girlfriend (:P).  They rocked it and it was fun. 

Yes thats a washboard!

The Gorge main stage is a famous stage.  Mostly (to me) because Dave Matthews plays sold out there every Labor Day weekend and I really really wanna go…but its just famous because its awesome.

The Gorge Amphitheatre is a 20,000+ seat concert venue, located above the Columbia River Gorge, in George, Washington. It offers lawn-terrace seating and concert-friendly weather.

Administered by Live Nation, it is considered one of the premier and most scenic concert locations not just in North America, but the world.[1] The venue offers sweeping and majestic views of the Columbia River, as well as extreme eastern Kittitas County and extreme western Grant County. It is also known for its spectacular views of the Columbia gorge canyon.

The Dave Matthews Band has a live release recorded here entitled The Gorge. They have also performed 37 concerts at the Gorge

(Click here to read more)

We also met some midgets.  I was looking for Cali who was taking a looooong time coming back from the bathroom.  Either someone trapped Him, or He was lost.  When I found Him, He was surrounded by midgets that were dressed like oompa loompas!!  Not only that, but the oompas were looking for none other than Jimi and the Trojan Tent…weird.  We snapped a few pics and did a few jager shots with them before they had to go perform THRILLER on stage!

I ❤ this.

When the midget performance was over, We decided to stay put to see who was coming on stage since We were in the very front.  Reel Big Fish (whoever the hell THAT is) came on and suddenly there were feet over my head.  We immediately wanted to get away, but when We turned around We realized that We were now in front of hundreds of screaming Reel Big Fish fans who were all pressing to be where We were standing.  The flailing crowd surfers seemed never ending like ocean waves and made of feet.  So many converse covered tootsies were aimed at my head that day, I thought Id never get out alive!  Feet, my favorite. *eye roll* We made it out, barely, and headed to the booth for safety. 

From behind the crowd after We made it out

At one point fairly early in the day We were invited into the Trojan “igloo” to see an intimate performance by up and commers, Tip the Van.  They were really good and I am now a fan. 

Only 20 people inside there 🙂

We also got to see Mike Posner, the guy who sings the “probably cuz you think you’re cooler than me.” song.

We didn't want to go back down there into the crowd 🙂

We met another band named “Alesana”.  They were youngish and screamy and wierd.  They wore black and looked “cool”.  Not my type but whatevs.


After the shows were over, We hung out with the bands in the tour bus parking lot. There was a barbecue and drinks and tour bus tours and famous folks and fun.  We drove back to potholes and then camped and woke up headed for the big city again. 

One night indoors and then it was off to Mt Ranier camping with Chelsey. 

Stay tuned.

Rock safe my friends. (Walkie talkie not included)

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  1. You forgot to mention our private, GINORMOUS projection of porn. LOL And all the free condoms we wanted. 🙂

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