Welcome back, friends.  Before I start back on Our adventure, I would like to say here that I now have a better idea of how to organize my things for blogging.  I have found that I have pictures all over the damn place that I need for my blog and its not always easy to find them.  After Calis camera suicide, the pictures are even harder to find because they got split between Our 2 phones and saved in a million different places.  If you know Us, then you know We get new phones every 6 months or so because We like fancy stuff and Our pictures get scattered.  Once I am caught up with my present blog, this shit is gonna get real.  Im excited about getting caught up and being able to blog about present life stuff without feeling like I have a million other things to blog about.  I know, I know, this is my blog and I can blog about whatever I damn well please, but I “please” to write about all the other shit first, so bear with me 🙂

At the end of the last blog, We were in Oregon.  We drove to a rest stop back in California so We would be close to Our destination the next morning.  We got an early start and headed out to Our new home for the day-Lava Beds Natl Monument.  This is a park full of lava tubes, or caves, beneath 400+ acres of ground.  Most are not lit and require flashlights, others are lit only by the sunlight coming through the collapsed parts of the caves.  Collapsed, as in-used to be closed and at some point in time fell down and could fall down more or in a new place at any time…scary dude.  So, We checked into Our campsite and then went and rented flashlights from the visitor center to begin what could be Our last adventure.


So We explored a few caves that day, including Skull Cave, Balcony Cave, Boulevard Cave and Sunshine Cave.  We began the day fairly certain that I would bonk my head on something, and wouldn’t you know it-Cali gashed His head open.  On something He knew was there. 🙂  it was funny. (Don’t worry, I get mine in a few blogs from now)  It was HOT AS HELL outside and inside the caves was a pretty amazing temp.  Almost like AC.

The entry to a cave from the inside 🙂
One of the collapses in a tube!
The ceiling in one cave, looks wet, but its not!
Im crouching down in the entry to a cave, some of them were much lower :/
Another tunnel entry. We went in there and beyond...
A long view down one of the tubes.

We had fun crawling around in there.  All the “caves” were beautiful in their own way.  One of them had an ice floor!!  It was pretty scary though.  In one, We went in and turned off the flashlights and then spun around and then opened Our eyes and tried to point to the direction of the exit in the dark-and then turned on the light.  First of all, it was creepy to be in there and not be able to see anything.  Anything could have crept up on Us and We would have never known-or been able to see how to get away even if We could hear it!  It made those cheesy scary cave movies seem actually scary now that I know what that feels like.  We did an ok job at pointing toward the exit, but being unsure, and getting to the exit in the dark would have been treacherous!  In one cave, Cali and I ducked down to get in, and then ducked down to get out, but somewhere in the getting out, Cali decided to stand up too soon and whack His head on the ceiling.  The ceiling is sharp.  Very sharp.  Hes lucky He wasn’t hurt more than He was.  A gash on the head that didnt bleed much considering how vascular the scalp is.  Most of the caves We explored were empty.  We were the only people in there which was pretty awesome considering that the other caves We had been to were guided tours and such that had many others around.

When We decided it was too hot, and bleedy, to continue caving, We headed back to the campsite and posted up.  At the campsite next to Us there was a man and his daughter “camping” in a large motorhome.  We started talking and hung out a few hours talking about caving and motorhomes-2 things that We were interested in but didn’t know a lot about, and the guy happened to know alot about.  He let Us use their shower (which was awesome btw) and We let them use Our parking spot (it was bigger and theirs didnt accommodate their motorhome).  It was a good time.

The next morning, We packed camp and headed for Crater Lake.  We put the last of Our money into the gas tank and purchased some cheese and lunchmeat and cigarettes.  He was getting paid the next day so We were just shedding weight by spending it all right away.  We were both looking forward to Crater Lake-like, uh-lot.  We drove almost 3 hours to get there and it was everything We wanted it to be.  We had an entire day of hikes and pictures planned.  Pictures like:

My phone takes pretty good pictures 🙂
The reflection was amazing.

Looking down the side of a cliff by the lake.

Looking through the trees. Another amazing reflection.
Thats water!! So blue. hard to tell the water from the sky.

Cool rock. Ghost castle or something


We hadn’t been at Crater Lake long when Cali and I wondered if He had gotten paid yet.  He gets paid on the first of the month, unless the first is on a weekend (which Aug 1st was) and sometimes He gets paid a day earlier.  So on one of the higher viewpoints not far into the park, We had a little better than crappy cell phone service and He texts His bank account for the balance. (CHASE bank mobile banking ROCKS).  Now, usually, He would get a text that contained 2 acct balances.  One for His acct, and one for the joint acct.  On this particular occasion, the text He received only contained one acct balance.  The joint one.  This…is strange.  Not oly strange, but particularly alarming considering that His personal account is the one where the gubment sends His moneys and if the acct isn’t there, where is His money going to go??  He calls the bank.  He hates calling the bank. 

He calls the bank and they tell Him, matter of factly, that His personal account was closed.

“Why?” was the next obvious question.  It wasn’t overdrawn, but it was at zero balance. The day He gets paid, He withdraws all of His money and maintains a zero balance.   However, this particular type of account didn’t need a minimum balance.  Still leaving the question of “WHY?”.  Why, in the name of all thats pink in the world, why would they close His personal account that had a direct deposit from the US Treasury attached to it without Him requesting it be done??

“When You added Yourself to the (now) joint account, You upgraded a tier in checking accounts and when You do that, Your lower tiered accounts are closed.”

**blink blink**

“Without telling Me?” (I know, seems too obvious, but still entirely true.)

Ok, so the account was scheduled (by the bank, without telling Him) to be closed on the first.  Like, closed closed.  No longer saveable.   Right then, it was in “frozen” status or something.  This meant that His pay would not be allowed to be deposited.  WTF.  The nice lady then told Him that if He deposited at least a dollar into the account, it could be reopened.  So He asks for the account number in order to ask someone else to go to the bank and make a deposit so We could move along on Our exploration of Crater Lake and not have to be concerned about this money nonsense.

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t give You Your account number over the phone.  It’s for Your own protection.  I can’t undoubtedly verify Your identification.  Can You give me Your check card number?”

He, in true Cali fashion, doesn’t have a card.  Doesn’t want one.  Refused to have one sent to Him.  He withdraws all His money every month, what does He need a card for?

“Again, Im sorry Sir.  I can’t give You Your account number.”

Long story short, I will save you from the details of the ensuing circular conversation.  Lesson?  Keep your account numbers somewhere you can get them if you happen to need them.  School of experience.  At the end of the conversation, the only solution was to haul ASS to the closest bank.  3 hours away.  Before 3.  It was 1130am.  FML.  This means We can’t hike, picture take or lollygag at Crater Lake because We have to go.  Now.  Didn’t I learn anything the last time I got excited and had expectations? (“gem of the sierras”).  Ok, I don’t nevessarily believe that We jinxed the visit by being excited about it, but it sure did seem peculiar.

We get to Bend Oregon and the CHASE bank and didn’t even have the dollar needed for depositing.  I panhandled one in the parking lot.  (Im not bragging but it only took me like 3 minutes)  Inside the bank, We were pleasantly surprised by the 2 competent bank employees who exhibited great empathy to the situation and helped more than We could have asked for.  It got a little hairy for a while though.  At one point, they told Him that they could see His money sitting in hold waiting to be deposited at midnight, but that the account wasn’t going to accept it and it had already actually technically been scheduled to be returned!!  It.Was.Dumb.  They could see His money, but they couldn’t give it to Him.  On top of that, they weren’t sure what would happen to it once it was released for deposit so they couldn’t catch it on it’s way and send it to the account.  When We left, the ladies had deposited a provisional $1000 dollars for Us to be able to get a hotel room, food, gas and some unexpected car repairs that decided to present themselves when We arrived in Bend.  We got the rattiest hotel room ever for the lowest Ive ever seen, but it was practically across the street from the bank.  We had to return to the bank the next morning to make sure that everything had gone as planned.  It had.  We immediately purchased flowers for them and a thank you card and returned to give them presents.  They had saved Us.  For real.

Im also going to give a shout out to Chelsey and Stephen.  They also saved Us.  When We first learned of this fiasco, We decided immediately that We needed a hotel room.  Chelsey looked up hotel rooms and found the best deal ever, then forwarded said deal to Stephen who without hesitation put it on his credit card.  Thanks guys.  More on them coming soon.

We spent the rest of Friday July 30th driving mostly.  We stopped at a sucky Fossil bed (Clarno unit, John Day Fossil Bed) where We saw no fossils and We continued on to Plymouth Washington and Our new home.  We were happy to see that Our campsite was close to the water and it was a nice site.  Also nice that the campsite was close to the oregon border where We could drive over and get cigarettes without the ridiculous extra charge (like $3!!)

The campground at Plymouth had showers and nice grass and was mostly full of motorhomes and old folks, but it was lovely.  We had gotten a new tent when He got paid since We would soon be joined on Our adventures by 3 guests.  Not all at the same time, but still…the tiny tent was not going to be big enough for any joiners.  Our new house a.k.a. “XL Vacation Lodge” has 3 rooms and a porch!


Complete with camp chairs 🙂  He also got a “stove” to “make soup” (boil water for my coffee <3).

Our new stove 🙂

We visited the Whitman Mission while staying there and also a winery.  At the mission, We took a nice stroll and played dressup at the visitor center.  There were adult size clothes, so I took that to mean that the adults were welcome to play too.

When you join me next, Cali and I will be travelling to Seattle .  Chelsey lives in Seattle and there is fun to be had.

Stay tuned.

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