april fools?

Welcome back friends.  So everyone knows that yesterday was april 1st, or “april fools”.  Most of you know that I “check in” with Cali, when We are not together, every 2 hours for fear of punishment by death (or the like). Well, yesterday I mulled over the idea of pranking Him and decided not to (for fear of death). Today, however, the idea seemed better.  Funny even.  So, I waited for 3:55pm to arrive…I have from 5 before until to 5 after the hour to say “I’m alive” or “I miss you” or “go eff Yourself”…and I did nothing. At 4:07, my phone rang as I expected it to and it was Him wondering why I had failed (yet again) to check in. I’m not always johnny on the spot with my check ins and have been close to death punishment more times than I care to count :\ my plan was to april fools Him by “missing” my check in.  He did NOT think it was funny.  I began esplaining Him what happened so He didn’t think I suck, and He said “well, april fool you” and tricked me on my own trick!!  I was so frickin scared that He was really mad…don’t think I will be doing that again.  Needless to say I felt bad about it, and am now wishing I would have just told Him I’m pregnant…He got a vasectomy years ago 🙂

Stay tuned.

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