Tree hugging hippies

Welcome back, friends.  I left you at “We drove towards the Redwoods…” and We did.  We drove until We decided to stop for the night at a rest stop not far from the Redwoods National Park.  We stopped at a rest stop in Humboldt County California.  Hold your applause…but yes, yes it was more than I could have dreamt about.  When getting out of the car to use the restroom facilities, We noticed 2 gentlemen speaking and “hanging out” by their cars next to where We happened to be parked.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, We were asked to join them and We accepted the invitation.  The didn’t know each other (says them) and We all talked about music and philosophy and about the border patrol taking a lil ol bit from Us entering California that had already come from CA…one of these hippies reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out a slice of a geode:


Hard to take a picture of

He said, and I quote, “I reached into my pocket and this was the only thing that wasn’t warm.  I figured it wanted to go with you.”  What a good hippie.  SO I still have it. 🙂  We hung out for about 2 hours or so and then went to sleep, ready to see some more big trees in the morning.


We slept surprisingly well in the car, and then got up at 7am to hit it hard!

The first trail We came to was the Redwoods Creek Trail.  It was still pretty early in the day so the fog was impressive.  Being very close to the coast, or more like ON the coast, the fog rolled in nightly blanketing the area for the early morning hours obscuring anything more than a few feet away.  One of the outlooks has a sign telling you about what you are looking out at, and it includes the ocean and some beach and a mountain or 2…this is what We saw:

It seemed like We were way up in the sky, but that was the ocean and coastline under the fog.  Could have been a never ending fall for all We knew, it looked scary!  Scary, but…beautiful doesn’t really cover it, and I think its more of an experience than a describable thing.

along the way
As the sun broke through the fog, the forest looked magical!

This was a short hike since part of the path was closed, and We kept on down the road.  We happened upon a meadow that was full of elk!!  I didn’t really know what elk look like since I had only seen their heads on walls :/

Just chillin. Its like they know they are protected!

We kinda stood there watching the elk for a while and then moved along to the Coastal Trail and did the Klamath section including the spur to Hidden Beach.  We pointed to things and took pictures and enjoyed the sound of the ocean not far from Us as We walked.  I can’t say what the pictures can, and the pictures (as always) arent nearly as amazing as the real thing.  The following picture, however, is ALMOST as amazing as the real thing.  I don’t know who these people are, but they were on a family vacation.  The 3 of them.  On 2 motorcycles. This is hilarious and awesome at the same time.  Father, mother and daughter…and they wanted a picture with Cali 🙂  And He smiled.  This was at the trailhead and behind them are the bathrooms.

The following pictures are better left to speak for themselves…


The beginning of the trail
Consistently beautiful walking conditions
Along the trail

Some path maintenance.  They were nice and very knowledgeable.


Just walking along a path on the edge of the country We live in...

Through the trees
Our faraway glimpse at a Hidden Beach

This is the almost invisible path to the aptly named “Hidden Beach”.

This is me going out as far as I could and looking at the various tidepools and sea creatures.  I wanted up on the big rock 🙂


Made it!

Then it was time to turn around and go back…

In this picture, Im trying to get His attention…Hes taking pictures and the ocean is loudly roaring around Us.

We had failed to notice that the tide was coming in while I was going out…my previously kind of difficult path to get out to the big rock was now mostly underwater and getting even more so every second.  Cali took this picture and still had no idea that I was starting to freak out.  He motioned for me to come back and I was trying to figure out how to do that.  He turned on the video camera to take in His surroundings, you’ll want audio, especially at the very end:


If you listened to the end, you heard me yell to Him “my path is covered in water!!” and Him reply “WHAT?” and then the end…when He said “what” He turned off the video, stood up from His frog squat (if you know Him, you know what Im talking about) and when He stood, His camera jumped into the ocean.  He immediately retrieved the camera from the water, but there was also the approaching tide that could potentially keep me trapped for hours if Im not back on shore soon.  By the time the camera could be properly evaluated and tended to, it was hopeless.  We removed the card and the batteries, but alas…no more.  He did a significant amount of pouting and grumbling, but overall came to terms with the loss fairly quickly.

From there, We returned the same way We came and headed toward the exit of Redwoods.  We stopped at several roadside beaches and some cool trees.  I found a giant yellow slug inside a tree 🙂


I was curious about it at first...had to get closer.

see the streak inside the tree?


whoa dude

Kinda cool, kinda creepy.  While I was creeping myself out with the slug, I left my sweater at this tree.  The sweater was given to me by my dear friend Gilby before We left on Our adventure.  It served me well.  We saw surfers (which is crazy because the damn water is freezing) and We saw people enjoying the foggy, drizzly day as if it were the norm…which I think it might be.  I wouldn’t want to not have sunshine almost everyday.  I lovelovelove sunshine. me=terrified of skin cancer + in love with sunshine and tanned skin. :/

We drove further north up the coast to Crescent city and saw this giant concrete breakwater called Battery Point where there is a lighthouse that is only connected to the mainland a few hours a day during the lowest tide by a narrow isthmus.  It is not recommended that people go out on the breakwater thing because of “sneaker waves” which are a serious thing, but for someone reason just talking about them makes Us laugh even 8 months later.  Sneaker waves… lol  It was kinda scary knowing that We could be swept off at any time.  I wanted to see starfish and stuff though.

Looking at starfish

I had climbed down toward the water from the jetty top.

These were what were all along the outside of the jetty wall.  It was what would absorb the shock of the waves if a tsunami or just some disproportionately large waves came through.  It was pretty awesome looking…these pictures were taken by camera phone.  Our phones have pretty good cameras on them but not as good as His camera :/

We left Crescent City and went to the Oregon Caves National Monument, but they were closed.  We were too late to get into the cave, so We hiked one of the trails.  We had Our camera phones but it was poorly documented.  It was, however, a very nice hike that We enjoyed very much.  About a mile and somehow almost completely uphill.


One of the many waterfalls We came upon.
And another...
And another...

And was fantastical.


Thus concluded Our Tuesday July 27th, 2010.  We began in California and ended up in Oregon.  The next time We pick this story back up, We risk our lives for the beauty underground.

Stay tuned.

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