A few lessons learned, and a Lake Tahoe sunrise

Welcome back, friends.  We woke up at that rest stop on Thursday July 22 near Independence CA and arrived at the Manzanar Natl Historic Site when they opened at 9am (actually slightly before :] ).

The charming sign outside. Mountains and sky in the background.

This is what N.P.S. says about it:

“In 1942, the United States government ordered more than 110,000 men, women, and children to leave their homes and detained them in remote, military-style camps. Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten camps where Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were interned during World War II”

I’m just going to be honest, I didn’t even know that ANY of that EVER happened.  I did go to school, and I passed with beautiful grades, and I had no.idea. Srsly.  For those of you, who are like I was, and don’t know what I’m talking about…japanese people with jobs, families, neighborhoods, homes-forced to move into compounds.  Out of their homes, away from their jobs, with no more than a suitcase (maybe).  Relocated?  Sure, you could call it that.  If by “relocated” you mean “ordered by the government to get the eff out”, then yes.  I was, and still am, apalled by this.  The people represented in the exhibit were thisclose to being accepting of the RIDICULOUS treatment they received.   I only say they weren’t accepting of it, because they didn’t really have any other choice if they wanted to live.  It made me angry to read their stories and our own american headlines.  I became officially thankful I was not alive during WW II.   No pictures there… wasn’t in “the mood”.

Further up the road, in Mammoth Lakes, CA, We reached the visitor center for the Devils Postpile and realized We were not willing to wait for the mandatory shuttle, pay for it, ride it with a busfull, then wait for it to bring Us back. While it does look pretty awesome, We really wanted to get to the hotel in reno to check in and enjoy it and that was still, like, 3 and a half hours from there.  (Camped for a few days and then slept in a rest stop, remember?)

We passed by Mono Lake, according to the photo file name here on the computer, and I see it on the map between Mammoth Lakes and Reno-but I don’t remember it at all :/  The pictures say it’s pretty awesome, buuuuuuuuuut…nope, nothin’.  I read about it at the link I posted back there, and it has a pretty interesting story.  Since I don’t have memories, only pictures, here ya go.

So, We get to the Peppermill Resort Hotel and Casino in Reno NV.  If you remember, We stayed there once before when He took me to Tahoe the 1st time.  It wasn’t a choice of Ours to stay there (not that there’s anything wrong with it, actually quite the contrary) We had chosen the “surprise me” hotel button that says you can book a hotel room for x amount of dollars but they don’t tell you which hotel until after you book it.  Both times We booked on that site for Reno, it gave Us the Peppermill.  Now, when you book online, it is VERY important to be sure your dates are entered correctly to avoid being booked for a month AFTER you plan to arrive.  If you don’t, you WILL find yourself standing at the check in desk complaining about the electronic check in not working and then pulling up your email confirmation on your smarty pants phone that PROVES that you are, indeed, booked for the 22nd!! of the very next month.  FAIL.  Let me keep this short by asking you to take a moment to imagine with me…you are dirty from tent camping for 3 days and “slept” in your car the night before and have been looking forward to your hot shower in a resort hotel soooooo much that you had NO regard for how you dressed to walk through the lobby and check in-and you find yourself stuck in the lobby being told by the desk clerk that you have to call the travel website, and the website 800# rep telling you it is up to the hotel and then putting them on the phone together and then waiting for a fax and being told it will take a minimum of one hour to do and finding out an hour and a half later that it was faxed to the wrong number, in the wrong building to a different dep’t. *sigh* just imagine.  Finally, thanks to a WONDERFUL front desk manager lady who’s name escapes me, We were able to check in to Our room.  First, shower.  Then, hot tub.  Oh.yes.hottub.  After the soak, I stayed up blogging for a while and then We went to bed.

We woke up when We felt like it and said farewell to the indoors, trading it for a Lake Tahoe-side campground.  When He took me to Lake Tahoe previously, We were on the Nevada side looking across at the California side.  This time, backwards that. 🙂  It was nice and warm outside during the day so We spent most of Our time at the lakeside beach.  He found the perfect campground for Us! ❤  Literally across the street from the lake.

Our first morning waking up at the lake, We got up to see the sunrise over the lake (looking east over the lake from CA towards NV) and it was pretty spectacular.

There was a nap soon to follow and then some more time at the beach 🙂  There were some people there who had a kayak thing and they generously offered to let Us go out on the lake in it while they were eating lunch.  We couldn’t really get a picture of the both of Us in it, but I went out alone after.  It was kinda scary being out in that much water.  I mean, I been on a boat before, but this was a kayak.  I hardly call that a boat.

fun fun fun!!

That day I also got a sunburn, some asian food, a cold beer and a lovely conversation with the kiddos 🙂  We got everything ready to go that evening and spent one more night in Tahoe.  It was time to move on.

Stay tuned.

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