Yosemite pt 1

Welcome back, friends.  Today I will be reminiscing about Yosemite National Park.  We left San Francisco on July 18, and after driving 3 quarters of the way across the state, arrived at Our campsite (which was an hour outside of Yosemite Park-its was July and We didn’t want to be in a packed campsite with hordes of tourist families).  We set up camp and enjoyed being out of the car!  Early to bed with an early morning departure for park exploration.

The first day, We drove into the park

Even this place had a sign!

One of the first things We encountered upon entering was a spectacular view of “half-dome” AND a tunnel.  I love tunnels.

First view of "Half-Dome" in real life!
It was a good long one 🙂
Nearing the end, We noticed the approaching view...
The dome and the falls! ❤

When We got out of the tunnel, there was the most spectacular view in front of Us, but We obviously weren’t the only ones who thought so…Notice the jam packed parking lot?  Yeah.  We kept on truckin’ that day since We knew We would be passing through here again the next time We entered the park.

The next awesome sight to see was the rock called “El Capitan”.  Its a giant freakin rock.  Giant I say!!

The picture doesn't do justice to its size.

After visiting the visitor center, We decided to make Yosemite Falls Our objective for the day.  Yosemite Falls is the highest measured waterfall in North America!!  (6th highest in the world)  We hiked a pretty easy ways to the base of the falls and climbed around on the rocks a little, but it was crowded with people and almost unenjoyable :/  The hike to the water was a beautiful trip and  not as crowded as the falls itself.

First view of the massive beauty

When We first saw the falls, We were unimpressed…it sure didnt look like much.

A better view...

We walked through some dense trees and then came upon this viewing point which shows 2 tiers of this multi-tiered waterfall.  The mood struck me to be silly:


I sure was thirsty 🙂

We kept walking and came upon this view:


The bottom tier

We had arrived at the base of the falls.  The drop of the falls is so high/steep, you cannot see the upper tiers from the bottom.  Notice all the tiny people (colored spots) along the rocks.  This waterfall is incredibly big and being near it is almost scary.  There is SO MUCH WATER and it is falling with such force…the sound is amazing.


This guy...well...I just wanted to post it as a warning.

He was just changing his clothes, but still.

It would SUCK to get swept over that.

After We’d had enough of the hoopla, We drove back to Our campsite and saw this outside the park:

Just a big pile of dirt and rocks?

No, this was not just a huge pile of dirt and rocks, this used to be a road.  This is the aftermath of a landslide that happened over a year before We drove through.  I guess I never realized before that when a landslide happens, you dont just clear it out, you rebuild around it.  The road We were using to get to and from the park was not very old at all. :/ suck to need that road to go to work and school…from what We heard there, people were driving 3-4 hours to go around and kids were being bussed about the same.  No.Thanks.

The next day, We hung around at the campsite and explored the nearby area. We were greeted by this guy:



That is Our cooler he was chillin on…We just kind of waited for him to go away.  We knew there was a river not far through the woods in a general direction of “over that way” (says the oh-so-helpful campground host).  We went (the wrong way) through the woods to find a “clearly marked” path to the water.  Whatever.  We made it there eventually and found the right path on the way back 🙂  It was nice and quiet by the water.  There was shade for Him, and sun for me.



That’s a pretty good slope I’m laying on.  Notice the angle that the trees meet the ground.  The trees are standing straight and the water is running down next to me to the river at the bottom.


Queen of the Rock. MY rock. 🙂

The water was pretty cold.  There was no swimming for me that day, I was just happy for some sunlight.  Our campsite was completely shaded.  We spent the rest of the day at the campsite relaxing and planning the next days hike.  There was a 9 mile and a 6 mile hike up for consideration and no matter which, We needed to be ready.  I made the campfire that night (go team me) and We packed Our pack for the upcoming adventure.

I gotta be honest, this wasn’t my favorite park, or campground.  The number of people EVERYWHERE took away from part of the enjoyment of being out in nature.  I saw some amazing things and I’m glad We went, but it just wasn’t the best.  This blog, as a result, is also not the best, but I feel I’ve shared what I got from it so far.  The next day takes Us into adventures that were not so attractive to the general public and therefor much more enjoyable and secluded feeling to Us.

Stay tuned.

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