Grow your own tourist…just add fanny pack and camera!

Welcome back, folks. I’m excited to tell you about San Francisco.  S.F. was one of the places that some dear friends live. Cali has known these guys for a looooong time and as long as I’ve known them, they’ve treated me like family as well. Dave Gilstrap:

The fabulous Dave at work.

and Pat Tidwell:

Maybe not the best picture, but one of my favorites ❤

are 2 of the most fantabulous guys you’ll ever meet. They are both amazing body modification artists in the areas of both cutting and piercing. Aside from being body mod gods, they are laid back, genuine, funny, intelligent and loving.  I very much look forward to seeng them again in June. We are going to pop up in SF on June 1st for Pats bday and then fly out to Melbourne from there on the 6th. Good times, as always, will be had by all.
Anyway, they opened their home to Us on Our adventure last July. The condo in berkley was Our home base for about 5 days, and We made the most of it. In just one day, We ate a decadent sundae at Ghirardelli Square, rode a trolley from Ghirardelli Square to union square, explored chinatown, rode a cable car, saw Alcatraz and seals and exlored the SF Natl Maritime site! The Ghirardelli sundae is a treat that I fully recommend to anyone anywhere near San Fran. The trolley ride, however, was the most memorable part of that day.
It was one of those trolley cars that rides on a track and has people hanging off the side. Its almost like a bus, but faster on/off.

A trolley 🙂

I was able to secure the front outer spot on the trolley and believe me when I say I was ridiculously happy about that!


We rode it from one end to the other, up and down crazy hills


and past so many tourists complete with fanny packs,


Fannypack (and a serious hill)

visors and cameras 🙂


Videotaping Cali 🙂

that 15 minutes on the trolley was worth the hour and a half that We waited in line to get on the damn thing.


Beautiful point of view

We walked around and took random pictures:


I ❤ this pic

Seeing Pier 39 and Alcatraz was pretty awesome too.



There were seals:


Seals in the sun 🙂

and entirely too many people…We didn’t stick around there for long.  We did go to the San Francisco Maritime Natl Historic Park:


Awesome picture on the sign.
At the SFMNHP on one of the car haulers

I took a long look across the water…


The sun felt so good!

and it was down down to Chinatown.

Chinatown was an experience I won’t soon forget. I have never been to a “chinatown” before and apparently San Francisco has a well known one…there are crazy numbers of asian people selling things (just things, stuff, nonsense) EVERYWHERE. We had some vietnamese food from a streetside cafe and by that time, chinatown was beginning to close and it was getting dark. For some strange reason, in California in July, dark=cold. We found a quaint looking bar to duck into for a drink and as We sat there drinking Our drink and people watching, We noticed the ceiling…



We walked to Union square and then We headed back across the bridge to berkley for the night.
Another San Fran sight-seeing day We decided to visit Ft Point, the Presidio, Rosie the Riveter memorial and the John Muir house. Ft Point and the Presidio were pretty boring, unless you’re into old military battlements and small military settlement neighborhoods. The Golden Gate bridge is pretty impressive though and Ft Point is at one end of it.


Ft Point at the bottom, the GG bridge at the top.

Rosie the Riveter, I didn’t know anything about. After going to the memorial, I am glad I did. I learned about the sacrifices and contributions that women were responsible for during the wars. Now I know what all the damn posters are about! Lol  Thanks ladies.


"Rosie the Riveter"

John Muir’s house was almost magical. It’s in a busy part of the city, but as soon as you enter the grounds, you feel far away from everything. There are orchards, and giant trees and a belltower inside the house with a working bell that I rang. LOUDLY. The house and grounds are beautiful. Not particularly exciting, but beautiful anyway. It was a nice time.
The rest of Our time in San Fran was spent with Our friends. We visited their studios and their hangouts and enjoyed their company. I enjoyed being a tourist there with Him and I can’t wait to go back. I was hoping it would be warmer, just like the rest of California, but I could see how the weather would be perfect for most folk.
I was hoping Id see more gays, but, c’est la vie.
Next stop, Yosemite. Stay tuned…

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