San Francisco Treat

Welcome back, friends. I hate to think of any of my time as wasted. Time, while it may be an illusion, can sometimes feel like the only thing we have.  I am pretty good at efficiently prioritizing my time and I’m not usually found doing the proverbial “nothing”. I don’t have “drafts” of things because I just finish them up and distribute accordingly (blogs, emails, stories etc…). If not, I feel like the time I spent “drafting” was wasted until a completed piece is produced. For that reason, and maybe others, it has bothered me for quite some time that I’ve had a damn unfinished “draft” staring me in the face everytime I open my “write a new blog” page. “San Francisco Treat” has been sitting for months, the last few months unopened. I used to open it, and read it, and close it back up…I just couldn’t pick up the same vibe and I didn’t have the heart to delete it. To delete the draft was like saying that the couple hours it took me to start it, never mattered. Starting over meant the time was wasted. Used up and thrown away. DELETED even, never to be seen again. The idea of it made me uneasy. Even now as I’m typing, the “draft” is below-still in tact. Still within reach. Not gone.

Funny thing about time though. Not only is it a made up concept people use to feel better and organize the chaos in life, but its always “gone”. It’s either already passed, or on its way. What is “now”? Its gone. It’s now a new “now”. And again. And again. The time I spent writing the “draft”, was gone to never return a long time ago. I’m talking, I wrote it August 31st 2010. While I never finished it, I have spent more time on it than was necessary while thinking about how much I hated that I had it but I couldn’t let it go. Couldn’t allow it to not mean something. Why?

What’s the difference between spending time doing something that makes you happy that yields a favorable outcome, and spending time doing something that makes you happy but yields an unfavorable outcome? Not much.

As I write these words, I resolve to let the draft go. I remember the time I spent drinking coffee on a rainy day in a barnes and noble in Washington, looking at pictures and smiling about Our time in San Francisco with good friends and with each Other. I remember starting a blog that was sure to be a masterpiece full of exciting things like trolley rides and Ghirardelli Square while Cali and Sam looked at books and talked among themselves. That time wasn’t wasted at all.

And now, I’m off to write a new blog about San Francisco,and get back on track updating the 2010 adventures.

Stay tuned.

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