Oh em gee.

Welcome back, folks.  I recently wrote an email to a friend in Australia and in that email I typed out Our as-of-so-far-planned itinerary for the upcoming adventure.  By the time I got finished typing it out, I had come to the incredible realization that this trip is going to be epic.  We have been planning this trip almost daily since buying the plane tickets and maybe it was because We had been just planning little bits at a time, but I hadn’t realized the magnitude of what is to come.  I am now going to share that as-of-so-far-plan with all of you.  Damn near everything on this list We found by researching online and in books and chose this awesomeness out of the tons of cool things to do in “Oz”.  Its a basic and flexible and by no means complete list, but…you’ll see. OMG.  Most of this blog will be clicking on links…everything that I link to in the this blog is worth clicking.

June 8-arrive in Melbourne at 930am (it says so on Our tickets!!) and We intend to stay in a hotel in Mel until the 13th, using public transport to see the city, including (but not limited to):

During those 5 days We will pick up a campervan (similar to THIS ONE) rental for the next adventure.

around June 13- Leave to drive Great Ocean Rd. taking about 3 days and including a zipline (super cool, click that one), 12 apostles, Grampians Natl Park and Ft Campbell and then doing Yarra Valley/Healesville stuff.
Around the 18th, We intend to go to the Dandenongs for a couple days and then spend a few days in the Mornington Peninsula/Phillip Island area.
June 23 (again, all dates approximate and just general and extremely flexible) We drive to Canberra which We know will take a couple days. The National Gallery of Australia and possibly the parliament house are on the agenda there before heading out to the Blue Mtns for about 3 days.
That puts Us in Sydney somewhere around June 28th and We intend to turn in the campervan and stay in Sydney for about a week:
After about a week, We will again pick up the campervan to drive towards Brisbane through Hunter Valley and on the North Coast.  Along the way:
When We get to Brisbane, We will stay there a couple of days, turn in the camper and arrange transport to the beginning of the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.  We expect the Walk to take Us about 5 days (36 miles).
After completing the GCHGW, We will recoop in a Brisbane hotel for 3 days and then go to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk starting point (again estimating 5 days to return to Brisbane).
After all of that (give or take), We will go a little further north to hang out in the Sunshine Coast.  There is a beautiful lady there I am dying to meet and her husband is pretty intriguing himself!  We have been friends online for over a year IMing and SKYPEing and we finally get to meet.  This will be an epic meeting.  Full of fun and laughter, maybe some blood.  Who knows!?  So-further North of Brisbane is more adventure to be had:

Can you believe that??  This is only so far and through mid-late July.  There are still about 6 more countries in Southeast Asia to plan.  I’m told there are plans of “crocodile infested rivers” and “monkeys stealing Our shit”.

Did I say epic?

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Oh em gee.”

  1. OMG! I am sooooo excited! *cept for the blood bit…*

    Seriously. CAN. NOT. WAIT! Love to show you my stomping ground. Gives me a fuzzy feeling knowing you are coming soon. Love you to bits!

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