Out of hibernation.

Welcome back folks. I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I posted a blog. With this blog, you”ll find me sitting in a house in Lockhart Texas that Cali and I are staying in for the moment. “Why?” you might ask…a few reasons. 1. Its cheap here. 2. We are saving money for the next leg of Our adventure to the South Pacific. 3. (the why We are in this particular place) my kiddos live here and so does my mom, gma etc. I never finished telling y’all about the rest of Our adventures over 2010, and I intend to remedy that. It will be mostly pictures and some recollections of especially awesome parts of the adventure. Today, however, you will get a real time update ūüôā

Yesterday morning, We purchased airline tickets to Melbourne Australia. We depart San Francisco at 6pm on June 6th. Until then, Our daily activities will include trip planning, exercise, trip planning, blogging and more trip planning with some me going to work and hanging out with my kiddos mixed in there. ¬†We have been living an almost sedentary lifestyle since October when We arrived to settle in TX. ¬†Sitting around watching movies at home, cooking and thinking about the trip (let’s not leave out facebooking) has been occupying most of Our time without having roadtrips, Nat’l Parks and hiking adventures on the itinerary. ¬†We have both put on a couple pounds, but are actively working to reverse that ūüôā ¬†I have been working at the good ol’ Sunshine Cafe here in Lockhart since We got back and seeing my kids on the regular. ¬†Both of those things has been good for me. ¬†When I get up at 450am to go to work at 530 and it sucks, I remind myself that I not only have a job (so many other people don’t) but I LOVE my job (so many other people don’t) and it’s less than a mile away-no commuting!! ¬†The kids and I have been spending some amazing quality time together and were able to enjoy the holidays as a family-even visiting my dad, step-mom and youngest sisters over break. ¬†I have had many talks with Zoe about my leaving again in a few months and being gone for a while and it has given us the chance to experience the life lesson to enjoy what you have while you have it. ¬†We have been able to visit with some very missed loved ones and see things in Austin We hadn’t seen yet.

Our stay here in Lockhart has served its purpose, but has not been all good…there has been some depression on both sides of this coin and some “inflamed” situations. ¬†There have been times that Cali and I have wondered just what in the HELL We are doing. ¬†We left out an important part of this chapter in the adventure-We didn’t have an end. ¬†We had a basic endpoint-a general idea of how much longer We would be here-but no solid goal. ¬†The ¬†seemingly helpless drifting day to day without an end in sight was wearing on Us, especially Cali. ¬†It started to feel like We would be in this horrid little town with all these close-minded jackasses and NOTHING to see FOREVER. ¬†Trapped. ¬†Almost like jail…minimum security, but jail nonetheless. ¬†Now…now that the tickets are purchased and Our “release date” has been determined-Team “Just the 2 of Us” is experiencing a lift in morale.

I have to work this afternoon so this blog isn’t going to be very long, I’m actually wrapping it up now. ¬†I just wanted to pop back up on the radar to let you know what’s going on with Us. ¬†I fully intend to rededicate myself to this blog and finish telling of Our 2010 adventure. ¬†It will be caught up before We leave for Autralia. ¬†I still can’t believe We are going to Australia!! ¬†From Australia We will be traveling up into southeast Asia ¬†before hitting Hawaii on the way back to the continental US. ¬†Im so damn excited I can hardly stand it.

Again, look for a new blog post soon-maybe even overnight-that picks back up in San Francisco where I left you all before.  For now, back to the grind.

Stay tuned…

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