Dear Diary,

August 25, 2010 Wednesday:
Welcome back, folks.  I’m trying something new this time.  I am writing out of order 🙂  I believe I will put a “Diary” page on my blog to write some real time entries about feelings and maybe random stuff at least until I am caught up with the travel part.  I am right now at Our Newhalem, Washington campsite in the North Cascades National Park and it is Wednesday August 25th.  I am actively trying to not be eaten alive by mosquitoes while Cali plays on His cell phone (the both of Us sitting in the car with the doors open so I can type on my computer that is plugged in to the power converter) and Sam takes a nap in the tent.  We should be exhausted from a morning of hiking, but We are not…rather We are lazy tired from a day of sitting around Our campsite due to me being “invalid”.  I know my last blog put Us to sleep in San Francisco at Dave/Pat/Steph’s place and that the date was July 6th and that that means I am waaaay behind (50 days) on my blog, but you all already knew that so say hello to the elephant on your way to the story corner and have a seat.
Many of my readers are also my friends on Facebook and therefore likely know that I fell down a mountain yesterday (Tuesday August 24)   😦   (“falling like an avalanche coming down the mountain”) Here is the story: Cali, Sam and I went for a lovely 4.5 mile hike in the Okanogan National Forest which is just outside the North Cascades National Park/Chelan Lake Nat’l Rec Area/Ross Lake NRA to  get to “Blue Lake”.
It was a steep hike up part of Liberty Bell Mountain on Blue Lake Trail with an 1100 foot gain in elevation.  Getting to the lake was definitely a reward for the 2.2 miles nearly straight up We had done and Sam even went for a swim in the ice-cold lake while We rested a bit before the descent.
Blue Lake
I saw rainbow trout in the lake and I have never seen those before.  They jump out of the water to snipe grab bugs with their giant mouths right out of the air!!  The reddish colored stripe on the side of them is beautiful when the sun hits it 🙂  Magnificent even.  So, We rest and Sam gets his dry clothes back on and We start Our downhill jaunt.  This is where it gets tricky…on some of the more steep parts We kind of jogged down them in order to take longer strides and make it easier to NOT fall.  We are pretty avid hikers these days and are no stranger to wilderness trails.  This trail, like most others We’ve traversed, has rocks and roots sticking up and kind of a cliff on one side and, well:
The "Blue Lake Trail"

So anyway,We are probably 3/4 of the way down on a particularly steep part of the trail (round about the part of the trail in the above picture…)and I am in the front of the line (which I usually am not) and started to jog down a steeper grade, when my foot caught on something and I tripped.  I tripped while running.down.a mountain.  I tripped with my left foot, and by the time my right one hit the ground, I was off-balance trying not to fall off the cliff to my left.  I landed awkwardly which sent me to my knee and hand-on which I slid for quite a ways.  I sat there for a minute before getting up to hobble the rest of the way down the mountain. I was just happy they were behind me and were able to watch me trip.  While it scared the crap out of them, they said it was pretty cool/funny looking and slow mo kinda.  The trail wasn’t exactly wide enough for anyone to be beside me helping me walk, so I leaned on Cali’s shoulder from behind Him sometimes or hop walked.  The closer We got to the car, the more it started to hurt and the less weight I could put on my leg.  I made it to the car, but by the time We got back to the campsite, I couldn’t put weight on it at all.  My foot/ankle were hurting more than my knee did even though I had slid my knee right into a rock in the trail.  It.  Sucked.

That was yesterday…I took ibuprofen (and have continued to take it) and I still can’t walk 😦  We were supposed to be camping at Newhalem and doing more hiking until friday and I can’t, uh, hike.  We have sat around the campsite today cooking and talking and reading and just enjoying the wilderness, but now it looks like We might leave tomorrow (thursday).  Every time I have to go to the bathroom, the boys carry me over to the car and then to the bathroom from the car.  I didn’t realize how much stuff I do until I stopped being able to do stuff.  I mean, my right foot and knee and hand are all hurty.  While I can sit down, I’m right-handed so that means I am limited to what I can do with one left hand, and since I can’t walk I can’t fetch things to help around here.  They are taking very good care of me though.  It’s fortunate that I fell while Sam happened to be out here adventuring with Us.  They set me up an area where I can elevate my leg and put ice on it and still hang out with them at the table 🙂  I am getting a ton of gimpy and being “not valid” jokes, but that’s ok.  I just hope I can walk again soon…We have many things to do and walking is a prerequisite for like, all of them.
I got 3 more stamps in my passport by coming here to the North Cascades.  Lake Chelan NRA and Ross Lake NRA surround the South unit of the N Cascades NP.  This whole area is full of preserved wilderness and necessary landmarks and I’m thankful that it is being protected.  We have become much more earth conscious on this voyage.  Since the beginning of the trip We have disposed of all trash (including cig butts) properly at all times and are trying to use less water and electricity.  Neither of Us have had a cigarette in over a week due to chosing food over smoking and neither of Us seem to have a big problem with that…I wonder if We will start smoking again next month when We can afford it.  Probably.  It’s a good bet that, yes, We will.
I’m getting increasingly excited about seeing my kids and beginning my official training for Tough Mudder which means going back to the Austin area (and requires my leg getting better SOON!!).  We are NOT staying inside the city and will more than likely be all but invisible during the time We are there.  I will be spending most of my free time with my babies and also getting some sort of job.  We will be back in the area around the end of Sept and staying until May-ish and then…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
Have I mentioned before that We keep a giant US road atlas and highlight all the places and roads?  Well, We do.  It’s crazy to open to a state We have been to and see all the highlighting across all the highways and out all over the place.  We have really covered some ground!  California looks all zig zaggy from going back and forth and back and forth.  Cali is sitting in the front seat of the car right now highlighting some of the up close city streets We have been on recently.
August 27, 2010 Friday:
It is now Friday Aug 27th and We did come back to Seattle from N Cascades early.  It was beginning to rain and I was no good for hiking, so We left.  We stopped at Deception Pass on the way back to Seattle:
In the fog, this pass is difficult to navigate
A midget family tried to push me off this bridge.
and went to Chelsey’s for showers and getting dressed to go out to a club.  Chels happened to have crutches for me so I got dressed and We all went out to “Trinity” even with me being a gimp.
Crutches in the back 🙂
We had a great time and then went home.  Today I can bear a small amount of weight on my foot and my armpits and hands hurt from crutching around 😦  We did some laundry and then came to the Pyramid Brewery for beer and lunch and to say hi to Chels and use the free wi-fi for me to write this “diary entry” blog.
My 2 favorite mens

I sure hope my leg gets better soon…We have a ton of things to do…next week is Mount Olympus and that’s pretty exciting.  We are also supposed to go to Forks to see Twilight and take a walk down to La Push beach.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that is ok.  If you do…you’re a nerd.  And that’s ok too 🙂

So, should I keep a diary here too in real time?  What are your thoughts?
❤ Me

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary,”

  1. Of course you should, the more I hear from you, the happier I will be. But you don’t want it to be a burden.

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