Before Twilight, there were Lost Boys

Welcome back, folks.  Today, I will take you with me to another national site, the Garlic Capitol of the world and then to the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk where one of the most awesome movies ever made was filmed.  Ready?  Lets go…

First stop was Pinnacles National Monument.  It was pretty hot when We got there and We didn’t have flashlights for the caves, so We didn’t stay long.  The rock formations there were pretty awesome, but hiking that day wasn’t happening 🙂

When We left the Pinnacles, We went to Gilroy California…”Garlic Capital of the World”.  While they don’t produce the most garlic, they put out the most processed garlic.  We had a hotel room in Gilroy for the night and plans for a date in **drum roll** SANTA CRUZ!  Why is that so exciting?  Well, the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk has a very special place in my heart due to the Lost Boys movie being filmed “there”.  The carousel, the beach, the music…awesome.

Part of the original park
The beach from the boardwalk

While walking down the boardwalk, on one side of you is the beach.  Just a long stretch of beach and its beautiful!!  First We walked around and just looked at all the rides and storefronts and food places.  Its wonderful 🙂

The carousel!! "miiiiiiichael...MIIIIIIcheal..." lol

The carousel from the movie is pretty awesome, it still has its original organ and there is this game thing where you grab a ring held out by this arm thing and then you throw the ring toward the mouth of a clown in the corner.  If you make it in the mouth, the lights flash and make a sound…whierd.

Boardwalk from the beach

We went out on to the beach for a little while and the boardwalk looks pretty awesome at night.  I know, I know, crappy picture, but you get the idea.

I found a historical marker as well.  Even though I kinda dont care much about history, I love the little “somebody thinks this place is awesome” sign.

Historic Landmark

He decided to take me on a rollercoaster.  Not just any rollercoaster, but the “Giant Dipper” coaster.  It was the first rollercoaster He ever rode on as a child 🙂  He had ridden that one and others since, but I had never even heard of this rollercoaster…even though I had seen it in movies and advertisements most of my life.  Way to be oblivious 😛 We were standing and line (being talked to by strangers, of course) and I heard Him shush someone who was talking about their favorite part of the rollercoaster ride.  We snapped this as We waited in line to ride in the front seat in the front car:


So there is this one part that goes through a tunnel and I loooove tunnels!  It was an awesome surprise.  So much fun, this guy!  We didn’t bother with any of the crap food being sold on the boardwalk even though it smelled great and could have been excused as a novelty.   There were many things We were looking forward to more than garlic this that and the other for $7.00.  Almost everything to eat was $7.00 and fried.  He explained to me while We were there about some funny facts surrounding the Lost Boys movie…Isn’t garlic supposed to repel vampires?  Not in the movie and the movie “coincidentally” was filmed just outside the “garlic capital of the world”.  Thats funny.  It was filmed in Santa Clara and called Santa Carla.  Good times 🙂  We left after about 3 hours of walking around and ate turkey sandwiches in the hotel room before retiring for the evening.  A drive I would never forget was coming when We woke up…and I had no idea-but Cali did 🙂

Whats Christmas like in July?

Stay tuned…

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