What goes down, must come up?

Welcome back, folks.  We intentionally got up around 3:40am after being up hiking around by full moon light so that We could drive to the transit center to catch a bus that would take Us out to the point We wanted to see at sunrise.  Sunrise would be 5:17 that morning and We wanted to be there long  before that:

We sat down. Approx 4:15 am

It was pretty dark that early, and not very warm, aaaand kinda scary, but sooo worth it.

getting lighter...
and lighter...!!
Good morning starshine!

The sunrise was absolutely amazing.  Very much worth waking up early for 🙂 After seeing the sun break the horizon, We caught the shuttle bus up the road a bit and headed down in to the canyon for a few miles before it got too hot.  By 630am We were well on Our way down and still in the cliff shade for the most part.  After going almost 2 miles down, We were met by a park employee who informed Us that if We went any further down right then, We might get stuck for a few hours while a helicopter flew in some materials they needed to continue rebuilding the trails.  The fires I mentioned before in Flagstaff had actually been tying up the particular helicopter they needed to get the materials in and today they only had it for a few hours before it went back to carrying water to the mountain.  We elected to turn around and go back for the morning and get some rest.  The 2 miles up and out of the canyon was one of the longest 2 miles I’ve ever done.   I can’t think of a less enjoyable walk.  I loved the scenery on the way down, but the heat and the distance I could possibly fall if I lost my footing or a rock fell down kinda freaked me out a little.  Not to mention it was steep and seemed like way more than 2 miles.  Here are a few pics from that hike down S.Kaibab Trail:

Looking up from the trail
Still cool in the shade before 8am
The view from inside the canyon is as spectacular as from above if not more so
Just...wow. Cali takes some great pictures 🙂

We came out of the canyon and it was already blazing hot.  Our first day there We really had been fortunate that it was overcast mostly.  We were able to stroll many miles without getting too hot.  We came out of the canyon drenched that day and were in the tent taking a nap after 4 miles by 9am.  It wasn’t a long nap since the inside of the tent reached some high temperatures itself! 🙂  We headed up to one of the lodges and sat in the cafeteria area having coffee and being online.  They had wireless in the lodge buildings.  Our cell phones had spotty service out there, but the only internet We got was being in the cafeteria of the lodge.  We didn’t talk to anybody while We were out there really except my kids and a few Facebook posts.  After realizing the computer wasn’t really what We wanted to look at when there was so much beauty all around, We went back to the campsite and made dinner and climbed in the tent.  It had been a long day.  The next day We did a little driving, and some book reading and the next day We left the Grand Canyon.  We were needed somewhere else.  Somewhere that was also very pretty.  As a matter of fact, the “House of Pretty”.


Stay tuned.

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