A day in the life…

Welcome back, folks.
Lets start with leaving Phoenix shall we…after spending the morning with Erica and family, We hopped in the car and hit Montezuma National Monument, Tuzigoot National Monument, Sedona AZ and Walnut Canyon National Monument.  (Check this out to see where they are located in relation to each other)  Montezuma is actually pretty cool.

Its a castle in a cliff:

Montezuma Castle from the path
They didn’t allow people to go up there, but We took a lap around the trail and saw the sights before heading to the “Montezuma Well” (which was also a rad place to see).  When I think of a “well”, I think of the thing that the cartoon chicks sang at right before prince charming showed up…this, however, was a giant natural water coming out of the ground that happened to be coming out at the temperature that is perfect to sustain like 5 different animal types.  To quote wikipedia: (Montezuma Well (Yavapai: Ahakaskyaywa) is a natural limestone sinkhole near Rimrock, Arizona through which some 1,400,000 gallons of water flow each day. It is located 11 miles (18 km) northeast of the castle. The water is highly carbonated and contains high levels of arsenic. At least five endemic species live (only) in the Well: the diatom, the springtail, the water scorpion, the amphipod (Hyalella montezuma), and the leech (Erpodbella montezuma) — the most endemic species in any spring in the Southwestern United States[4]. It is also home to the Montezuma Well springsnail.)
What did I see??
The cliff dwellings built into the side of the well walls

The walls down into the wells had many cliff homes built into it.  After seeing the other cliff dwellings, seeing how close these were to water, they were definitely fortunate.

Tuzigoot is another mission out in the middle of nowhere.
We spent some time exploring it and hit the road again.  There were quite a few people visiting at the same time as Us and even though it felt crowded, We had a good time.

It is a pretty giant structure
Sedona was a bunch of rocks and trees and Walnut Canyon was closing when We got there.
Stupid 5 o'clock
The chick who was closing the door was probably the most rude Park Services Employee We have run into.  Whatever.  Who wants to see more cliff dwellings anyway.  (ps We do)
When We left Walnut Canyon, Our next stop would be the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  On the way there We drove through Flagstaff and witnessed the big fires in the mountains people had been talking about.  We dont watch tv but We had heard about it on the radio and from eavesdropping on random people.  They weren’t kidding, the amount of smoke pouring off the mountains was unbelievable.  We, of course, took some pictures as We drove by:
Fire on the mtn!!
As We got closer to Our destination, We both realized it would soon be dark and We had a camp to set up.  I think We were both pretty nervously excited about it.  Camping in the great outdoors would start a new part of Our Fantastic Voyage…a part that We hoped We wouldnt hate.  Hate it or love it, ready or not, it’s about to begin.  What had happened?  Some pretty amazing things.
Stay tuned.

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