Phoenix flew by…

Welcome back, folks.  It’s time We leave Tucson for Phoenix…the morning of June 16 We leave pack up the car, check out of the hotel and get on the road again 🙂  We stop at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument…another US/Mexico border situation.

Would ya believe its a sign??

I honestly couldn’t tell what was so different from the Saguaro Cactus place… when We went inside I asked the lady behind the desk…”Sooooo, this place looks pretty similar to Saguaro-what’s special about  it?”.  She looked like I had called her mom a dirty name or something, but she did splain to me the difference and I have to admit, as she was telling me I noticed that there is a huge difference.  *whistle*  oops.  The difference?  Saguaro cacti have a base and then arms off of it, while the Organ Pipe Cactus just has a bunch of bodies (no arms) coming up like- you guessed it- organ pipes 🙂

I'm almost 5 and a half feet tall. Saguaro on left, Organ Pipe on right.

There is also another cactus that lives there and nowhere else:

Senita Cactus

It is kinda like the Organ Pipe, but not, yeah…They were all super tall though which was really cool.  We also got to see Quitobaquito pupfish in their only natural habitat:

Quitobaquito Pupfish in Quitobaquito Spring at Organ Pipe Nat'l Mon

After Organ Pipe, We drove to Phoenix and checked in to the Legacy Suites.  We spent the rest of the day by the pool.  Anyone who knows Cali is probably right now calling b.s. but what if I tell you that it was where We could pick up the wi-fi without sitting inside the office lobby and He could smoke cigarettes…exactly, so We consequently spent a LOT of time by the pool.  I blogged, He organized pictures.  He is taking a ton of pictures on Our Adventure.  He is using His select few (unedited) favorites to make a photo blog called…wait for it…“Drive By Shooting”!  All the pictures are shot while We are driving (or walking) by 🙂 He takes some pretty amazing pictures.  So We spent the next 2 days blogging and picture folderizing by the pool.

Friday night was pretty awesome though.  I got to see one of my really good friends from going to high school in Las Vegas that I hadn’t seen in about 10 years that happened to live in Phoenix:

Erica and I ❤

We have kept in touch and I had met her husband Matt before, but had never met her kids and Cali was patient and kind enough to come with me over there and cook for all of Us with Matt, while Erica and I spent a lot of time laughing and catching up.  We finished off the evening with them watching YouTube videos and cutting up after the kids went to bed.  It was pretty awesome.

The next day, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and Tonto National Monument were on the agenda.  Apparently, my back was not notified of this because it decided to go out.  The show must go on anyway, so We got in the car and went on an adventure just kinda believing my back would get better…It didn’t, but the day was pretty cool anyway 🙂  Casa Grande was pretty awesome looking.

Casa Grande (or Big House)

You can’t tell by the picture, but this thing is like 3 stories high and just giant.  On the way out, I saw THIS:

Yes I intend to put them all in. 🙂

After Casa Grande was Tonto National Monument…they were having bee problems and I’m allergic and that sucked.  They have a binocular stand at the roof of their building so people could look up and see the dwellings up in the cliffs if unable to climb to them, but it wasn’t the same.

He got a picture from the visitor center upper deck while I looked through the binoculars.

I got a couple more stamps in my passport book at least 🙂

My back was still acting up when We got back to Phoenix and I thought Id like to take a bath but We only had a giant shower :/  I called Erica to borrow her bathtub and she tricked me by saying yes, and then giving me a massage and putting ice on it.  She’s a massage therapist so I guess she knows what she is talking  about.  😉  She did an awesome job on my back, and We booked her for a massage on both of Us for a couple of days later before heading out to camp and hike.  We spent some much-needed time resting together and checked out of the hotel on the 16th.  We then spent one night at Erica and Matt’s place during which, as per usual, Cali was too excited to sleep.  We were getting up in the morning to start a new adventure.  We dawdled a little in the morning and hung out with friends some more, but after We left We had so much to do and the day wouldn’t be over until there was a tent popped in the Grand Canyon.

Do We know how to put up a tent?  Did We remember flashlights?  What about toilet paper?  To answer these questions and more…

Stay tuned.

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