Welcome back, folks.  This blog has nothing to do with tomatoes, but it is going to catch you up on everything from arriving in Tucson to leaving Tucson.  Im too excited about writing current blogs more frequently and getting a little personal to drag this out any further.  I’m 11 days behind for jebus sakes.  So, try to keep up.  It will be more of a childrens story with lots of pictures than a novel…Im sure most of you wont have a hard time with it 😉 Bwahahaha

So, Our first full day in Tucson was June 10th and We drove to the Saguaro National Park.

I like the little cactus by the sign 🙂

I had seen pictures of the saguaros before, and even heard about how big they are, but I never imagined what I saw.  Those things were huge.  Im 5’4″…

This one is between 150-200 yrs old!!

We drove around for a while and saw so many giant cacti I was just amazed.  They are EVERYWHERE.  That was the end of Our first day.

The next day (6/11), We had many places  to be.  We stopped to get gas, and the steering wheel basically fell into Cali’s lap…bottom of the dash fell down and everything.  Now, a long time ago when Joshua (my ex) got mad, he jerked on the steering wheel until it came loose and the case around it broke open and the steering wheel slouched.  When We got the car from him in February, it was taken to a mechanic and that was one repair that was specifically discussed when deciding what to fix first.  Needless to say, I called the mechanic in Lockhart TX that We had gone to and left a not very nice message.  Since it wasn’t like they could fix it from a few states away, and the steering wheel is kind of an important part of the car, We went right across the street from the gas station to a full service mechanic (Jack Furrier’s Western Tire and Auto Care on Ina rd 4291 Ina, Tucson, 85741.  Ryan LaBlue was the man We dealt with and the manager of the place) and explained the issue.  The amazing people there listened to what I explained to them and took a look at what might be wrong.  We sat in their lobby for about an hour and watched TV until they said We were good to go.  Confusion sets in for a second…what was wrong? I asked.  He explained.  What do We owe you?  “Nothing.  Like I said, you’re good to go” and he was smiling.  OMG are you serious?  Yes.  Yes he was.  More random acts of kindness from strangers.  It’s inspirational.

After having the car fixed, We went to 3 places that day: Coronado National Monument, Tombstone, and Fort Huachuca where Cali went to His first interrogation school.  Coronado was meh…

Look!! A sign!

I mean, more rocks and mountains and stuff.  We did drive for what seemed like forever on an unpaved road up the mountain to get to an overlook that was pretty awesome.

I was looking at the biggest ants I've ever seen. The mountains behind me are in Mexico.

It was another place where We could see Mexico and the border between Us.  At the overlook up on the mtn the borderpatrol was again setup in force.  They had their binoculars and radars and trucks…always on the look out.

Nobody in, nobody out.

After that was Fort Huachuca where Cali lived for around 3 months in about 1991/92.  It was the first school He went to to become a Human Intelligence Collector.  We drove around for a while, He showed me the SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility)


where He received some of His training.  The buildings had not only sound proof walls but also radio scrambler things to keep anyone from being able to wear a wire or bug the place and there is a fence topped with razor wire around it!

This looks skurry

Tombstone was what I was most excited about.  When We got there, it totally looked how movies make it look.  Even the tourist places: cream

All old wooden buildings, awnings over the sidewalk, girls dressed in saloon wear…pretty cool.  We walked around for a while and took it all in and then got to the OK Corral where that one gunfight was.

Read it 🙂

The whole Doc Holiday thing like from the movie.  Its a pretty tiny little alley way between two tourist shops that they have built a 10-12 foot wall around so nobody can see in…unless you pay $10 damn dollars!!!  Seriously?  No thanks.  So We decided to not get raped in order to see where some guys died a long time ago.  If I ever feel sad about it I will just watch Val Kilmer on screen for free and get over it 🙂

The wall under the sign is the wall they put up so you can't see it without paying. Dumb.

I was attacked by a giant tumbleweed on the way back to the car, and the return to Tucson was the end of that day.

The next day was a leisurely stroll through the University of Arizonas Museum of Art.  The “metropolis” exhibit was on display.  It was a collection of art inspired by the industrial revolution and the movie Metropolis.  The movie was showing in the front of the gallery continuously.  I enjoyed the permanent collections in the upper gallery much more than the Metropolis exhibit, but Cali enjoyed all of it and especially enjoyed the featured exhibit.  Later that night, We went to Hooters to see Chuck Liddell get beat…and that made me sad, but it was still a very good and relaxing time with Him… and that wrapped up Our Saturday.

Sunday,We had a relaxing day off and Monday, We went to the “Degrazia Gallery In The Sun“.  That particular day was what would have been the artists 101st birthday…but he is no longer alive, so, they had cake.  We walked around that gallery for a while, and all of his art was pretty interesting.  Check out his website to see it, Im not sure about the rules of posting his work here in my blog…there was a nice garden outside of the gallery too, but it was pretty hot outside so as nice as it looked, it wasn’t that nice, ya know.

Tuesday (6/15) was Our last full day in Tucson before We checked out the following day to head to Phoenix.  A “full day” is an accurate description too.  First stop, Ft. Bowie National Historic Site:

OMG another sign

We had to drive pretty far to get to the visitor center parking lot, which was really a parking lot for the trailhead to the visitor center which was a mile and a half hike.  Too many things to do that day so We decided to take one of the smaller hikes We saw on the way to that one.  The trail was about a half mile and had beautiful views of the area, but you couldn’t see the ruins unless you made the trek to the visitor center itself 😦  It was still a nice visit.  I had to get them to mail me the stamp for my passport book since We didn’t get to the station.

Bright beautiful sky=sun BEATING down on Us

We hit the road from Ft Bowie to Chiricahua National Monument and can you guess what We saw more of??:

surprise surprise
Signs signs everywhere are signs...

This was one of the coolest places We have been to so far.  There are so many rocks everywhere that appear to be perched precariously close to falling down.  They are really singular rocks, but the weather and time has worn away the softer material in cracks and such to make it appear as if they are balanced in the oddest ways.  Its pretty crazy looking.  One peak in particular gave Us the opportunity to see a valley of these rocks…

It was an amazing sight

From this peak, there was the opportunity to look through a tube with crosshairs and notches cut out so where you moved it to rest in a new position, it told you precisely what formation you were looking at.  It was amazing to look at all the different formations and climb around on some of the rocks.

I enjoyed this very much

We enjoyed a picnic overlooking the rock formations before leaving, and the drive to the next place was a long one…

I fell asleep practically upon getting in the car...and slept until We got to Our next destination

Tumacacori National Historical Park was closing up as We got there at 5pm.  Lucky for Us, they had a church group (or some kind of organized group tour) scheduled for 6pm so they let the 2 of Us in to explore the empty ruins 🙂  that was pretty awesome.

Well well
This used to be a church
A shady place to rest before leaving

That, my friends, is Our Tucson adventure.  We rested that night and left the next morning on another leg of Our trip.

What happened in Phoenix?

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Ketchup”

  1. Yes. It is very clear that you wanted to get that entry over with quickly, lol. I like the straight-to-the-point side of you! Seriously though, really good photos in this one. Love the one with you sleeping while holding a piece of Cali’s robe, super cute!

  2. OMG, this is wonderful. I envy you the opportunity. The pictures would make a wonderful coffee table book someday. Love you.

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