Intermission of sorts…not trickery

Welcome back, folks.  We woke up by alarm at 8am to get in touch with the tire place and see just what needed to happen.  The people there were so freaking nice.  We told them what happened and explained that We weren’t interested in patching the tire since We had so far to go still.  Our car has a strange tire size and I have learned through experience that most places don’t carry them, they have to be ordered.  (Some of you may not know that the car Cali bought is my old car and He bought it from my ex…I know this car and have had more than 1 flat tire…)  While crossing Our fingers, We waited for the guy to ask the other guy if they happen to have one.  Would you believe that someone, just a week before, had ordered only one of these odd sized tires, and never picked it up?  I wouldn’t have believed it either, but that’s exactly what happened.  They had one.  Not only did they have one, they had a top brand of one, and would sell it to Us for 75$ instead of the $140 it should have cost.  Srsly?  Yes, srsly.  So We pay for the tire, go back to the hotel and I take a nap while We wait, they call Us when it’s done and We were on the road again.  Driving through that same area in the mountains was so beautiful during the day.  Having to stop for the night to be able to see it was worth the hotel room and tire.  It had rained the night before (a little part of my last blog I didn’t put in…yeah, it stormed) and everything was so green and alive…everything happens for a reason and a rock falling off a mountain and causing Us to get a new tire is no exception.  We discussed what the reason for it might have been and while delaying Us might have been for someone elses benefit and not Ours, We weren’t upset in the slightest.  Bring.It.On.

So We drive through alla that to get to Carlsbad and check in to Our hotel.  After taking everything inside and having a bite to eat, We headed for Carlsbad Caverns.  If you’ve never been there, go.  Its freaking awesome.  We went last year on my birthday, and even still it was awesome to go back.  We went through the natural entrance of the cave and there were cave swallows flying all around Us.

Not much further and there is no natural light

I believe they were doing target practice with their poop as We narrowly escaped being bombed several times.  We walked through the caves for a few hours and didn’t take very many pictures…it was lovely to just be together and walk through talking to each other and looking around.  Caves never look the same in pictures anyway.  I did happen to take one with my phone that was pretty funny:

Guess what? jejejehahaha
After leaving the caves, We returned to the hotel to get a good nights sleep…We had a long day coming up.  After all, We had a tattoo studio in Las Cruces to visit  🙂
Stay tuned.

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