Ok, Ok…

Welcome back, folks 🙂  The time We spent in Austin was pretty awesome.  Between spending some much needed time with my babies, seeing some very loved friends, and Zoe’s amazing bday party We definitely enjoyed it.  Leaving Our loved ones was sad, leaving the humidity of TX was not.  On June 1st, We woke up at Lauren’s and loaded up the car, headed toward Cedar Park and didn’t look back.  We needed an oil change before getting too far away, so We took care of that and stopped to say goodbye to April (the all around amazing hair makeup photog I told you about), and then hit the mall for a minute.  My ponytail was not the only thing Cali was tired of seeing on me…He was also tired of my jeans and tshirt look.  I had become kind of dress obsessed in Las Vegas due to the heat, and He had just gotten me about 15 new tank tops that I had taken to wearing with leggings.  I had only about 3 dresses I could wear regularly and no skirts or shorts, so He wanted to remedy the situation.

The ever famous dress and ponytail look on the Las Vegas strip

Before leaving Austin, We went through my clothes and almost emptied my suitcase into a donation bag (and a “sell at Buffalo Exchange” bag).  Shoes, pants, tshirts…buhbye.  We went to Earthbound Trading Company and purchased 6 of their new versatile wrap dresses, which are conveniently named “Urban Nomad”, and one flowy dress.  If you click the Earthbound link above, on the home page is what I’m talking about and I’ll be taking a second now to sing their praises.  They are made out of 2 completely different looking silk scarves each and are reversible.  Not only that, but they can be tied on as skirts, shirts or dresses in 40 different ways-EACH.  When you account for being able to wear one as a shirt and one as a skirt sometimes, He got me like 1000 different outfits.  They are buy one, get one half off right now and are about 24$ each full price.  I highly recommend them to every girl who doesn’t mind looking bohemian at times AND is: pregnant, overweight, not pregnant or overweight.  So basically everyone.  They are so comfortable and I wish I would have had them when I was pregnant through the summer.  They can be tied in different ways to show off or hide your belly, look casual or dressy…just amazing really.  If there is an Earthbound Trading or Romancing the Stone (their other name in some states) near you-go get one or six.  You’ll thank me, I promise.  Here is one example:

Tied one way...
From the back...
...from the back...
Same dress, tied a different way...so versatile!

So after picking up the new wardrobe, which was incredibly afforable and necessary, We hit the road to Oklahoma.  I know, I know, “You already went to Oklahoma, Meghan”-but there were 2 sites We missed and a tattoo that needed to be finished, so back to Oklahoma We went… just for a minute.

The first place We stopped in Oklahoma was in Sulphur.  The Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Lake of the Arbuckles.

We didn’t stay long since We weren’t boating or fishing, but We took some pictures of the beautiful lake and got back on the road.

Lake of the Arbuckles...funny name, beautiful area.
Boat dock at Lake of the Arbuckles, which is "best in bass fishing" (and yet another way to tie the dresses...a one shoulder variety)

When We left Sulphur, We kept going until We got to Tulsa again.  It was so good to see brother Mark, Carri and Brando.  We didn’t do much in Tucson besides relax, cook, catch up with good friends and get tattooed.  Cali got His stomach finished and brother Mark and I tattooed matching “I got your back” tattoos on each other.

I got your back 🙂
Cali did the finger on the right side of the "3"

I have only ever done 2 tattoos and Mark has them both. 🙂  Im pretty good-no lie.  It was fun, but I can’t draw to save my life.  I can trace like a m-effer, but shading and drawing elude my capabilities.

Steady now...
Adding my bow 🙂

The tattoo itself is pretty funny, with the whole “I got your back” stick figure thing.  I have good ideas 🙂  I got mine on my inner wrist so I always remember that there are people in this world who “got my back” on days when I feel all “meh”.

Another night, I went to dinner with Carri for her bff Julz bday.  That was a good time as well.  They have a giant margarita there called “the pantie dropper” so Julz and I had to share one…

Me and bday girl Julz and the pantie dropper!

We stayed with Brando and Carri in Tulsa, which was nice, and didn’t take any pictures 😦 but did enjoy spending time with them.  We also went to visit Kater one afternoon which is always a good time 😉  The last night We were there, Brando taught me how to make salsa from scratch.  I used some of the ghost peppers that were still around, some mango, peach, tomato, onion, garlic, jabanero, spices and a small bit of strawberry.  Everything fresh and through the food processor and then slow cooked for a few hours.  Let me say, the salsa is pretty amazing.  I made 4 smallish jars of it.  Want some?  Let me know.  We have been putting it on everything.

Before We knew it, it was time to leave Tulsa again…so much still to do.  Sunday morning, the 6th, We left around 9am for Oklahoma City to see the OKC bombing site.  I had never been there and the last time Cali had been there was when there was only half a building and it was still smoking!  The memorial site there is beautiful and I recommend going if you’ve never been.  Even knowing what happened there, I got such a feeling of peace seeing what it’s become and walking the grounds.  We didn’t stay long there either as We had 3 more places to stop before reaching Our final destination of the day.  Here are some of the pics from there:

The outside gates are COVERED with ribbons and pics and other memorabilia.
The reflecting pool framed by walls that read the time one minute before and one minute after the bomb went off.
Us (duh) and the chairs behind represent each person that died...even tiny ones for the 19 kids. 😦 thats the dress He got me at Earthbound Trading
Jesus is my homeboy. This is across the street with its back turned and the placard reads "And Jesus wept". He looked like he needed a hug.

We left the bombing site and stopped for gas in Elk City Oklahoma.  We both went inside to use the restroom and pay for the gas, but We went in separately.  Cali had gone in first while I went to the register to pay.  Well, after standing at the register for a couple minutes without being helped, I loudly asked “is anyone working the register??”.  From around the corner comes a very unkempt and severely overweight woman that rudely replied “down at this one there is” (where she had NOT been standing previously).  So I went down to the register and her attitude was sooo bad that when I got finished with her and got to the restroom, I saw a comment card for the gas station and immediately grabbed one.  I do not tolerate bad service.  By the time I walked out to leave the store, I heard her saying very ugly things about Calis appearance to other customers.  I went outside and Cali and I discussed her behavior (He had heard her say things such as “He looks stupid, why would anyone do that?” as He walked out) and then We both went back inside to collect the change from the gas transaction.  While standing at the counter, I used her pen to fill out the comment card, saying out loud what I was writing about her apalling behavior.  When We left, We were still so aggravated by her attitude that We sent a mass text to Our friends what happened including her name and the phone number to the gas station.  I also posted it on facebook and other friends reposted on facebook and myspace.  Discrimination against modified people and down right terrible customer service is unacceptable in Our book.  The responses We got from friends was overwhelming…everyone supported Us and so many people called and told her what they thought of how she acted.  The phone was ringing busy most of the day!!  I hope next time she will think twice about being so blatantly rude and disrespectful…if not, she certainly got an earful that day!

From there, We went directly to the Washita Battlefield.

The battlefield

I got to stamp my passport, but it was boring and there was not really anything to see, so We were there maybe 10 minutes and headed to Our next Nat’l site.

The Alibates Flint Quarry was the next destination.

We drove around out there for a while, but when We arrived the ranger was out in the quarry giving a tour so We weren’t able to stamp the passport book at that one…I will be calling to get one mailed though 🙂  The Lake Meredith National Recreation Area was another place there wasn’t much to see and We never did find the lake or the stamp station. :/

When We left the Lake Meredith area, We didn’t stop until We got to Albuquerque New Mexico again.  Again, I know We have been there already, but We had something very important to do.  Our friend Stephen, whom Ive mentioned several times, has a girlfriend that needed to step through the door into a new chapter of her life, and that (to her) meant suspending from hooks.  We, of course, were happy to oblige 🙂  We got in town about 9pm-ish, had a drink and some dinner and then set to work.  It being her first time, she did rather well.  It was a static suspension, which means no pulley, just stand on something, get tied to the rig, and step off.


She asked for the stool to be pulled from under her, and round and round she went.

and shes off!

Never asked to get down, never complained, didnt bullshit, just went for it.  To her I say good job!  Not long after, We all went to bed and got up the next morning to hit the road yet again.

What happens next??  Stay tuned…

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