Lake Tahoe

Welcome back, folks.  After a good nights sleep at the Peppermill in Reno:

Our hotel in Reno

We woke up ready to experience Lake Tahoe.  Well, I woke up ready, Cali felt like poo =(.  He, however, didn’t want to miss the opportunity to head out to Tahoe since I had never been there…He had a hunch I would very much enjoy it.  He was right.  From the drive over the mountain to get to it,

Spectacular view

to the rocky shore We climbed on to look at it the entire trip was amazing.  We drove a while to get to the Lake and on the way there, We stopped several times to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

One of my favorite stops

There was snow on the ground the further up We went,

and there were several ski lodges that were still running their lifts!  I couldn’t believe it, skiing still in mid May!!  We didn’t see anyone skiing down the mountain, but We saw the lines in the snow from the last ones down.

I cant believe people ski down that mtn!!

On one particular turn, the Lake became visible in the distance, and my breath was taken away…

My first glimpse of Tahoe!! Oh the beauty

I had never seen anything like it.  The closer We got, the more beautiful it became.

Almost there

We drove through Incline Village toward the south shore of the lake to get closer to the water.  We had to climb down a rock bank to get to the water:

Intimidating at first

and it was kinda scary, but sooooo worth it.  We got all the way to the water:

The water was so amazingly clear
The water was so amazingly clear

and just sat there on the shore of Nevada, staring out across the Lake at the mountains in California.

My view from the rock I climbed to.

I have never been effected by a landscape the way I was effected by that one.  I was sitting on a rock, surrounded by water, looking out over Lake Tahoe and almost started crying.  I dunno what the eff THAT was all about…Cali says its because I’m a crybaby and to that- I stick out my tongue.  I very carefully reached down to the water:

Reaching for the water...trying not to fall in!

and stuck my hand in and it damn near froze.  The water was so cold…I guess melting snow would be, huh?  The lake “warms up” to 68 degrees sometimes…warms up?? Not my idea of warm.  Just sayin.  We spent some time at the lakeshore, and Cali was feeling better by the time We left.  We drove back to the hotel, and relaxed the rest of the day.

I’m not real sure what it was about Lake Tahoe that effected me so much.  It was just…beautiful.  I have never looked across the land and seen a sight that made me FEEL the something I felt that day.  We spent some time just sitting and looking out over the lake, and I used that time to reflect a little on my life.  It was a very good experience that I’m glad I got to share with Cali.  Very peaceful.  Only thing I was missing was my babies… then it wouldn’t have been so peaceful, but it would have been perfect. =)


Coming up next…Death Valley!!

(This seems like a good time to say that my blog will be going through some changes very soon.  I am behind on my blogging right now and am catching up as quickly as Our schedule allows, but once I do catch up, my blog will be more personal and exciting.  I get excited about what We are doing, and being behind, I have to blog about something We already did, which was fun, but not what I JUST did ya know…?  I would very much like input on things yall would like to see here, questions yall have, aspects of Our trip yall would like to know more about…kthx)

Stay tuned…

One thought on “Lake Tahoe”

  1. I LOVED Tahoe when I went there as a young child. It was so beautiful. So I can relate to the emotional impact and how it can move you. I love that you two are sharing your experiences with all of us… Gives me more of an idea of where I want to go for my next vacation. Maybe you guys would want to do a travel suggestion on facebook and see where people might lead you?? Then again you guys are doing just grat on your own.

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