VIVA Las Vegas

Welcome back, folks.  When last we spoke, I told you about the beautiful Red Rock Canyon trips and promised some fun when I returned…ready?  Go.

Some of this will overlap the last blog, but I’m pretty sure no one would have noticed if I hadn’t said so…and if you do, its called stalking.  At least keep a calendar for me so I know my dates are straight, k?  Thanks. =)  On May 4th, We went walking around briefly on the strip.  I say briefly because it was hot as hell and everyone knows Cali melts in the sun.  We went prepared though:

bathing suit and bottle full of wine and sprite...refreshing!!

The sun is so bright, it darkens all the pictures.  Most especially the ones taken on my phone.  Whierd. (pronounced with an “h” sound like “whip” or “who”).  After wandering around for a while, We ended up at the hotel pool with the other APP attendees for a while.  It was a good day =)

Next day was trip 1 to Red Rock, and afterwards it was time to get ready.  Ready for what?  We were meeting up with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  The beautiful, the talented, the buzz in Vegas and soon to be the world…Lauralie Lee Ezra.  We have been friends since…uh…8th grade?  So thats like 12 or 13 years or something.  I haven’t seen her since last year, which is too long.  Its more recent than we usually get to see each other, so I can’t complain.  We met up at her house where I got to see her ever lovely sister Jen, and spend some time with “fazha”.  (the Ezra dad)  He was taken with Cali’s appearance and gave a moment of hard time before turning back to picking on me-as per usual.  We all did a little “chat roulette” and hung out catching up for a while before heading out to the “Double Down“.  We were told it was a bar like We would find in Austin and that We would love it.  We were told this by several people in a 2 day period, so of course when LLE suggested it, We had to go.

First decision to make, what to drink. Well, on the “specials board” in big letters is “ASSJUICE $3”. That solves that problem. I’ll have one of those. What is it? It is the overpour and drips from the bar…so its kind of a lil bit of everything.

She looks more nervous than me!

I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda scared. From the looks of the picture, Lor was scared for me. (The flash on my phone is helpful but can we say harsh light??)  It was so gross I needed them both to try it.  Cali didn’t mind it so much, it tasted like alcohol.  LLE on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it:

She did NOT want to try it

We hung out there for a little while and people watched.  It was definitely not a touristy place, which We love since We didn’t want to feel like tourists.  There was a tourist or two there, but the kind that cared enough to find a place they would like that was off the strip.  It was very laid back, loud and dark.  Smoking inside of course.  Did We have fun?  Would this face lie?

Love her. Period.

We ended up back at her place for a minute and decided to reconvene Sunday.  Deal.

The next day, I spent some time working


(Blogging poolside at Angela’s house) while Cali visited with friends at the convention.  Hard day.  Late that night, We went to a restaurant Cali visited last year that made an impression.  We love spicy food, especially Him, and when We go out to eat at an asian place and He says “make it spicy”, they think He is kidding or something.  This place, India’s Ghandi Cuisine, actually gave Him what He asked for!  We went around 5pm on a Friday, and people were finishing up their meals and leaving.  It was not crowded, and it was comfortably dim inside after being in the blazing sun.  Did I mention it’s BRIGHT in Las Vegas?  I love it, I’m just saying, it’s worth mentioning.  He ordered all the food since I got completely lost just looking at the menu.  I can’t say I was reading it, but I looked at it.  People who have previously ordered indian food, or cooked it I suppose, would be able to handle it, but I…haven’t.  He ordered, said “make it spicy” and We sat back drinking wine and waiting on the first of 3 appetizers We ordered.  The food came out fast, which is always appreciated, but don’t ask them if you can move to a different table…it’s frowned upon.  (We just wanted to sit next to each other…)  Everything We had was awesome, and although We split an entree, We still had some food to take home.  We had 3 appetizers, an entree and a bottle of wine and it was less than $50.  Sounds like a deal if you ask me.  Its at Flamingo and Paradise (again, OFF the strip).  I like pictures:

He ordered everything...

So I mentioned We are staying at the “house of pretty”…I should elaborate.  I began going to high school at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts (LVAISPVA or LVA or “The Academy”).  I majored in dance, and my school day consisted of about 2 hrs of dance first thing in the morning, 7am, then almost 8 hours of school day, and more dance rehearsal time in the afternoon most days.  I wanted to dance, so dance I did…until I fell down some stairs and was injured badly enough to be restricted from dancing for 3 weeks, during which time I was told that I must go to public school if I could not dance for 3 weeks.  WTF right?  In case you didn’t click on the link for “The Academy”, it is considered one of the “most prestigious arts schools in the united states”.  I had to audition to go there!!  Anyway, back on topic, I was then enrolled at Chaparral High School, the high school for my area.  One day I noticed a new girl, that I actually recognized.  She had gone to school with me at LVA.  We knew of each other…but didn’t really hang out.  One day, through the powers of myspace, we reconnected.  The next time I came to Las Vegas, we simply HAD to get together.  We both had kids and had gotten married and didn’t end up as ballerinas for whatever reason =)  Plus we both appreciate being blonde, pretty and fun.  So any way…that was forever ago, and now, we love each other more than I care to share with yall 😛

Isn't she pretty?
When she wakes up in the morning, she looks just like this.

So while around the house, the faces We see are:

Ethan being the tough guy. Watch out ladies!! And Aria snuck in =)

The oldest of the 3 kids, and the princess in the background.

Aria pretending to be a zombie...a beautiful one!

The princess in all her glory.  And my buddy, the baby Evan

Handsome this kid.

I started every day with a “good morning handsome man!” and it was simply lovely to see him smile.  I miss my babies, and while they are no substitute, it made me happy to be around them.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them next week.  I just realized I have no pictures of Rylan, but here is one I stole:

Rylan isn't the baby or the blonde...

Cute right?  I know.  So, We are staying in the “house of pretty”,  and are incredibly lucky to be able to do so.  Not only did they save Us a few hundred dollars, We got to be around people We like and they got to spend sometime together while We stayed at the house with the littlest one.  Win win.  I did bust her blender, and the one We ordered won’t be here for forever, but the time spent together (however short) is invaluable.

With mother’s day coming up, Cali wanted to cook a thanksgiving mother’s day feast.  We went to the military base (Nellis) to shop at the commissary store.  We got everything We needed and went home…about that time, Cali decided We should go back to the store.  We had been looking at camping gear, car stereos and computers…hmmmm.  So We go back to the base, and He gets me a birthday present!!

OMG a computer!
My very own brand new 10.1 inch computer!
The reversible case for it, purple on one side, black on the other.

I spent the rest of the night reading the materials that came with the computer and setting my computer up right.  It felt so good to be able to set all the standard settings for the computer to behave exactly the way I wanted it to.  My very first brand new computer.  Thank you!!It has been a tremendous help in my blogging ability, in case nobody has noticed…

Sunday was Mother’s Day and the Mother’s Day thanksgiving feast had to be cooked.  We got up in the morning and the family had gone to church.  We got all the food ready and made a turkey and baked sweet potatoes and and and…

The food was amazing

We all enjoyed a meal together and ate entirely too much.

It was so good!!

After eating dinner, We skipped up the road to see LLE again.  We hung out with her for a while and as always, it was a fabulous time.  Originally it wa planned for me to have a birthday party at her house, but what I got was so much better.  Time with Cali, Lauralie, and my new computer listening to music and relaxing.  After LLE time, We headed back to the house for some rest, because the next day would be a big one.  Great Basin, then a night on the border and on to Reno where We would stay for 2 days and explore Lake Tahoes South shore and Death Valley for a 3 day birthday roadtrip!!

Stay tuned…

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