May is for MEEEEE!

Welcome back, folks.  When I last wrote, I told you about the drive from Albuquerque NM to Las Vegas NV and arriving at the house of pretty.  We got in pretty late and were very much ready to pass out from an exhausting day.  They have an extra bedroom downstairs at their house where We would be holing up for about 19 days:

From the door.
From the back of the room looking toward the door

It is the perfect space for Us.  Our giant air mattress fits on the floor even with Our stuff around the edges of the room, and there is a chair to sit in.  Perfect I say!

As some of you may know already, May is my birthday month.  My date of birth is 05-10-83, but I celebrate the whole month because my life is a pretty big deal.  To me anyway.  And Cali too apparently since He indulges my crazies =)  The exploring of Nevada is being done this month in honor of my bday so I could be in Las Vegas for it.  I consider Las Vegas to be my home town, even though I only spent a total of maybe 4 years living here on and off.  Its where I began my high school years, its where I found some of my very best friends, its where I was a teenager.  I love the weather, I love my people, I love the view, I love that you can do pretty much whatever you want, whenever you feel like it.  No last call, smoke inside, go shopping if you can’t sleep.  No car?  No problem.  Back on topic, He brought Us here this month keeping His promise that I would spend my birthday here.  When He asked me what I wanted for my birthday besides being in Vegas, I told Him I wanted to be able to go back to Texas for Zoes birthday, which is on May 24th.  Amazing man that He is, He is also granting that wish-which means that We have until the 18th of May to explore Nevada.  This is just over half the amount of minimum time We are spending in other states, so We better get a move on!

We woke up well rested on Saturday May 1st and had an almost lazy day.  The APP (Association of Professional Piercers) convention is held in Las Vegas every May, and people that Cali has known for YEARS will be flying in this weekend and spending the week hanging out, catching up, teaching/taking classes and getting drunk by the pool.  (Im sure that had NOTHING to do with Him deciding to come this month(:  )  The first of many people We will see this week arrived at midnight Saturday, so We picked him up at the airport and hung out at the Tropicana until about 6am.

Cali and Pat show love to the camera

If you can’t tell from the picture, APP is a gathering of mostly pretty heavily modified people.  A good percentage of them are body modification artists, some are  shop owners, some are equipment sales people, some are apprentices, (some are douchebags), but all are under one roof for one week.  Its an interesting week, to say the least!  I was introduced to many new people and also saw some people I met last year when We came out.  Between the Hooters pool and the Tropicana pool it wasn’t uncommon to see groups like these:

Fun in the hot tub @Hooters Hotel

The “World Famous” Cali and Ron Garza: =)

Now show love:


On Cinco de Mayo (May 5th for the slow), We headed out to Red Rock Canyon.  It was a beautiful drive.  See:

We looked around the visitor center for a while learning more about the Red Rock Canyon area reading the information that was posted and exploring the exhibits they had.  There were sculptures in various places and even a tortoise habitat:

We took the scenic drive they have there, and stopped at many of the outlook points to see what it had to offer.

One of the 1st stops We made. It was far up!
The colors changed and changed back many times on the drive.

Later that night We went to Club Krave for the Cinco de Mayo Sideshow.  It wasn’t incredibly interesting, and We hadn’t intended to go, but We were invited by a few people He actually wanted to see, so We went.  While We were there, one of the performers dropped herself on her head.  While wearing a straight jacket.  It was not on purpose.  The show was delayed while she bled and waited for an ambulance.  I ran over to see if I could help, but fortunately, there were other medical professionals there that had it under control.  I had no interest in being a hero again.  No thanks.  She is ok…I mean, yeah.  So after that Angela met Us out and We talked while He was a social butterfly =)

Ummm, the guy on stage made a bag of balloon "shapes" and threw them out

The next day We went back to Red Rock to explore some more.  This time We found a random waterfall.

More of a water "trickle" really...but pretty and unexpected

We also saw some rock climbers waaaaay up on a rock face.

From the road you can barely see them in the top left of the red portion
Close up

It was very peaceful driving around out there and looking at the natural beauty that is always just there.  I used to visit the area frequently with my friends when I lived here before, but I don’t think I ever paid so much attention to the detail of it all.  It wasn’t such an organized event to go out there…I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a scenic drive established, with the scenic points, and there was definitely not a paystation.

Seeing the landscape here and comparing it with the other places We have driven around since We started this adventure, and comparing those places to each other, the differences are astounding.  Even in the small area that We have covered so far in this country, We have seen many different mountain ranges, rock formations, seasons…We have been to many different National Parks/Monuments/Recreational Areas/Lands and have 17 stamps in Our passport book now.  Some of those I haven’t written about yet…but I’m trying to catch up!! Take a look at the photo album from Our 2 trips to Red Rock HERE

Well folks, that’s all for now, but coming up next is hanging with LLE at the Double Down and my birthday roadtrip to the Great Basin, Reno, Tahoe and Death Valley.

Stay tuned.

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