Aaaand we’re back.  I am going to save your eyes and your brain from quite possibly the longest blog ever and post multiple blogs over the next day or so to cover what the “Adventure” has brought Us over the last few weeks.  I can think of no way to cleverly start this off, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

We were visiting a friend of His that was doing a dj gig at some lounge type place in ABQ called “Blackbird Buvet“.  We walk up to the bar to wait for her set to be over and order a drink, but before We can order, the bartender asks Cali if He can take His picture.  Sheesh… can’t take Him anywhere.  This guy, unlike the hundreds of others, is a photographer and meant like, real pictures.  I give him my number and tell him to contact Us with a time and place for this to happen.  Almost as soon as Cali agreed to be photographed, He realized He had just obligated Himself to be a somewhere at some time and didn’t guarantee compensation first.  Good thing the guy agrees that Calis time should be paid for, and vodka is an appropriate payment =)  We went out to the volcano site in Albuquerque for the first round of pictures…He looked so pretty.

A beautiful day to see the Volcanos
Gotta make sure the light is good
He's so pretty

I am not posting any of the pictures the photog took…Cali will share those if He wants to =)  I took the above pictures.

One night, soon after the shoot, We went out to the club Cali used to manage years ago when the Fabulous Lisa VanDyke owned it as a gay bar.  Any Albuquerquians remember “The PULSE”?  It recently reopened its doors as a “lounge” and dancefloor.  “What does that mean?” you might ask…It means it was an 18 and up club, with no bar inside.  Yes folks, NO. BAR.  So the next logical question would be, “how on earth did you drink?” followed by “and why were you there again?”.  We brought alcohol for the boys to drink in the car (Im the resident designated driver), and had to circumvent the no re-entry rule to get to it.  Couldn’t smoke inside either, boo on that.  The music was decent, a good mix of 80s tunes, being danced to by goth kids.  We were definitely too old to be there.  All of Us.  On top of that, after being frisked to get inside, We were directed to a small room where We had to fill out “membership applications” and receive a “membership cards” in order to gain entry into this “private club”.  Dumb.  Mucho.  Stephen had fun dancing it up and Cali got to say hi to a few people He hadn’t seen in a while… one person He hadn’t seen in a while didn’t say “hello” however.  His ex-wife happened to show up 1000 miles away from her home at the same damn club We just happened to be at, and proceeded to actively ignore Cali.  Said hello to everyone around Us, chose her seat in the club that happened to be right in front of Us (facing Us of course…We ARE pretty), and proceeded to avoid eye contact while staring peripherally.  So We played word games on His phone until Stephen had completely exhausted himself.  That was actually pretty fun =) Whatever, We love and appreciate all Our haters, even the ones who only hate behind Our back.  Im just saying, one word comes to mind for both lame entities (her and the “lounge”)…pathetic.  I don’t believe We will be returning-at least not until they get a bar!!  All in all, a good night.  Weird, but good.

After that, We kind of buried Ourselves in arabic for a few days.  I have so many flashcards its ridic and He got me a dry erase board so I have been writing it more also.  We made some more trips to Barnes and Noble to look at books on NV and National Parks in the West and got some great ideas for beautiful things.

For Our next trip, We didn’t even have to leave  Albuquerque.  There is a Nat’l Monument site on the edge of the city with petroglyphs and that seemed like a good idea.  It turned out to be really beautiful for being so close to the city.  There was a (not so) “paved” path to the top of the mesa and several petroglyphs on the way up.  The weather was perfect for a walk and the sky was this amazing color of blue.  Looking at the landscape around the glyphs was strange because the houses come right up to the base of the mesa and then there is just nothing. They had to declare it a Nat’l Monument to keep the housing developments from building into and over the petroglyphs. Here is an album from that trip…only 20 pictures, check them out HERE.  I also have a YouTube channel with videos…you can find the top of the mesa video and others HERE.

Boca Negra Canyon (duh)
The glyphs were very clear here at this site.

I was watching for snakes and other wildlife and came across a bug shell in a rock crack that I thought looked pretty cool:


I actually really like how the picture turned out.  We tried to go hiking at another site and the winds were too strong.  As soon as We got out of the car, We were sandblasted in the face and it was relentless.  Thankfully, Cali decided that He didn’t want to get pelted in the face with sand for 3 miles and We drove back to the apt.  On the way back, there were dust storms on the road and the visibility was damn near zero.  We could see the dust storm from far away:


Normally, the view of the mountains would be crystal clear…driving through that on the highway was not fun.  I believe that every time We went out to explore in New Mexico there was a high wind advisory or warning… all of Our pictures are windblown.  Windy or not, We have had a great time so far and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

My next blog will be unbelievable.  I will tell the story of the motorcycle accident involving  the 8yo little girl.

Stay tuned.

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