A lovely day

Welcome back friends.  We are still enjoying New Mexico, thanks for asking =)  There has been so much arabic going on here its ridic.  Writing it, reading it, speaking it…the rosetta stone program is really good, but  I wonder how good Id be doing without having Him to help.  We have a ton of flashcards that We take with Us everywhere so I can practice.  English on one side, arabic on the other and all mixed up so they go back and forth between english to arabic and arabic to english.

Today, We took a trip to the Paguate Reservation and got to see a great guy and old friend of Calis.  His name is Pat Pruitt.  Click his name to see his amazing work.  We hung out with him for the entire after noon, mostly at his workshop.  Its more like a playhouse really…he makes amazing art, not the least of which is jewelery.  His designs and imagination combined with his rooms of machinery and years of experience make him someone to watch for sure.  Well, don’t watch him literally, he likes his space.  He likes it so much he is rebuilding the house he grew up in with his own two hands in order to house his shop and himself (and his pretty lady) on the reservation where you dont get found unless you want to.  Awesome.

So, Cali and I went to visit Pat and catch up…and Cali and Pat got to discuss something of great importance.  The great Pat Pruitt is also the man making Our permanent collar. (insert squealing and jumping here).  [A brief moment to backstory anyone who doesnt know why this is a big deal, or wtf a “collar” is if not for a dog…the silver “necklace” I have worn all day every day and has been in every picture of me for over a year is a collar.  Its locked, and no I don’t have a key.  Actually, neither does He, it was lost some time ago.  Its a symbol of my belonging to Him-much in the same way a lot of people look at a wedding ring, only it isn’t. =)  Im open to further questions, but thats enough for now if you don’t already know.]  So We are going to eventually have a formal collaring ceremony to essentially gather everyone We know and care about together and say “hey yall We like each other and plan to do what it is We are doing for a loooooooooong time”.  During this ceremony, He is going to remove the collar I presently wear and replace it with another permanent one.  Today, the design and specifics were finalized, details were tweaked and decisions were made and it won’t be long now.  It could be a while since he’s doing it between the other amazing fun he is building, but he now has all necessary information to make magic for Us and I.am.ex.ci.ted.  Seriously, CHECK HIM OUT HERE.

It was rainy today.  Didn’t spoil Our fun, but it was rainy which was weird.  Its been either sunny, or just cold.  I am NOT a fan of the rain so for me it was kind of a big deal.  Ok not really, but I didn’t like it so 😛

I tried to pop my ears in the car while driving back from the reservation through the mountains today by opening my mouth real wide, and my jaw popped so loud it scared me and then pain shot through my head.  Its gone now, thank jebus, but it hurt.

Planning Zoes bday party is fun.  I have been finding websites with the help of my mom and perusing thrift stores for tea cups and what not…getting great ideas.  I am also soliciting ideas from others…hinthint.  Im looking forward to seeing how excited Zoe is and also to see the friends who will be coming by with their kids (and without).

Well, I guess thats all for now folks…stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “A lovely day”

    1. There were originally gonna be 10 regualr diamonds in it but yesterday We changed the design a little and now there will be 2 diamonds on the front hinge and Im actually not sure what grade they will be. =)

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