Long time, no blog.

Yes, yes, its been over 2 weeks since I last blogged.  There has been a lot going on and so many pictures that this blog might very well be loooooong.  I’ll keep the chatter to a minimum =)

Shortly after I blogged last time, We both tried Our hands at watercolor painting.  The tattoo shop Our friend owns had an art show coming up and Our paintings were going to be displayed with the rest of the art.  Cali’s painting SOLD!  It was one of the first paintings to sell.  He did such a good job. The picture does it no justice.

Calis painting

What We find funny, is that the person who bought it, bought it for her daughter-who We just happen to have made fun of the night before at the club due to her freaking out over the club trying to throw her out.  She was drunk, we have all had those moments, it’s just ironic how the circle is made.

The night before the art show, We attended an 80s cover band show at the neighborhood bar REHAB.  The name of the band is Dr. Squealsgood and Our friend Brando is the bass player.  He’s also the friend that owns the tattoo shop…(Rock n Rolla tattoos in Tulsa)  The show was pretty awesome.  REHAB was the bar they first started playing in, and since REHAB was closing on the 31st, it would be their last show there.  It got cuh-ray-zee.  See:

Metal hair and leggings!
The odd couple =)

Brother Mark got decked out.  My tutu, 2 different shoes, a “you need jesus” shirt, and  helmet.  Heres before drinking:

And the next morning when I dropped him back off at his car after picking him up from where he slept in this outfit due to his pants being in his car:

More fun pictures from REHAB, including their last night.

Me and Carri and the silli boy fingers.
Vodka redbull slushies!!
Bartender Cedric shakin it for a dollar on the bar's last night.
Shirtless bartenders are the best bartenders.

Sunday the 28th, I had brunch with Carri at the White Owl place I had brunch at when We first got to Tulsa.  Bottomless $10 mimosas and the best eggs benedict I ever had.  We stayed there talking for a long time before ever even ordering.  It was nice to sit and talk to a girl!!  Being away from Cali was weird though.  Made me kind of anxious when I focused on Him not being there (like when We texted or checked in).  It brought to my attention how seldom We are away from each other…We are together ALL THE TIME.  But you know what??  We don’t hate each other.  Actually, We really like each other.  We enjoy being together all the time.  Every now and then one of Us will need some alone head space, but We have generally found it possible to be apart even in close proximity since We don’t like leaving each other.  Strange.  So…that means We do a lot of stuff-like go to the park:

We take pictures at parks.
The park was beautiful. Still snow on the ground in some spots.
Daffodils and snow. It was beautiful.
Super cute bridge.
This bridge was beautiful

We both got tattooed.  Cali got His stomach tattooed…mostly.  It was a lot of black and We didn’t have much time left.  It will be finished in TX next month.  Mine is finally done.  Now, the day We both got tattooed, We decided it would be a good idea to taste a ghost pepper.  For those of you who dont know what that is…CLICK HERE. It is the hottest pepper in the world.  3 times hotter than the Habanero!  Whether or not its related, We both felt that the tattooing was much more painful than normal.  We did, however, heal 2 weeks faster than normal,  Weird.  For the video of the tasting…CLICK HERE.  For a video of Cali getting tattooed…CLICK HERE.  Me getting tattooed…CLICK HERE.

OUCH.  In progress
OUCH. In progress.
Finished!! Thanks Mark

We drove around a lot and hung out at the tattoo shop when they were open.  The shop was adding a few rooms on so We helped them get it all done quickly.  Painting and cleaning and stuff.  We hated saying goodbye to Our Tulsa friends and family, but it was time to move on down the road.  We stopped at Phat Phillies on the way out of town and Momo served Us up the best damn phillie cheese steak sandwich I ever effing had.  Period.

I waited until it cooled off and stuck a fork in it...phillie pop! mmmmmm

Next stop on the 1st of April, Oklahoma City Museum of Science.  We had so much fun.  We watched 2 IMAX movies and that was amazing.  One about Mt Everest and one about Fighter Pilots.  We saw a planetarium show and played with a million and one of the hands on exhibits.  I felt like a little kid.  AND everything there was educational!!  Definitely a place to take the kids.  Or grownup nerds:

The wheel in my hands was spinning, and it was turning me in my chair
Mirror triangle.
Mirror triangle

"stand n spin" = superfun
almost as big as mine!!
Im an astronaut!

After leaving the Science Museum, We had a delicious meal (compliments of Our friend Brando) at “Los Vaqueros”.  After dinner, straight through to Albuquerque New Mexico!!  We got into town around 2am and We were tiiiiired.  About 8 hrs to ABQ from OKC.  We talked to Steven, an old friend of Cali’s We are staying with, and enjoyed being all together for a bit and passed OUT.  The next day, We ran errands and then grabbed the ever lovely Lisa VanDyke for a lunch at Cervantes.  The amazing conversation We all had was so comfortable and filled with love.  We love LVD…like forreal.  She writes an article for the Albuquerque IQ publication titled “FABU” where she reviews and raves about all things fabulous.  Her new addition Ms. Mary Poppins (the pomchi rescue she adopted) is a DIVA too!!  You should all be jealous that you don’t know her.  Srsly.  The 3 of Us joined Steven at his place for some wonderful fun, then moved the party to LVDs.  Hotness.

hot MESS

Saturday, brunch with the gays.  Love them.  3fag hags + 2 lovely men = FUN @Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Brunch love.
Brunch love.

That night was Julian’s big bday bash at Retros in ABQ.  Happy bday JULIAN!!  The cake was delicious.

The next day happened to be Easter.  We got up early and got dressed up…for church.  LVDs mom was leading the church service and since her and Cali go way back We made an appearance.  It was a nice service.  Not your typical church.

We clean up nice

After church was the suspension We came to town for.  Cali has been suspending Steven for many years, and it was time for Steven to take another journey.  It was a private ceremony…heres a “safe” picture:

6 hooks down the front

We had a nice date at the “Artichoke Cafe” in ABQ.  We like to dress up

always in the car

Hi there

He has decided that We are going to stay in New Mexico for the month of April.  We would have been cheating Arizona by going for only 2.5 weeks, and We never explored New Mexico properly.  The trips We have planned for NM are exciting.  Lots of ruins and waterfalls and hot springs.  Mountains and beautiful scenery and so many picture opportunities.  I can’t wait!!  Looks like Nevada for 3 weeks in may before returning to TX for a week at the end of May.  I can’t believe my daughter is turning 8.  Le sigh.  My birthday is coming up too.  Big 27!  Vegas should start planning now.

We are still doing pilates and loving it.  It feels good to be active.  We have also been getting up early in the mornings and leaving the apt to do stuff.  Today We went spice shopping to get all the little spices that make a big difference when you cook like We do.  Last night We made vegetable lasagna from scratch.  Red sauce, cream sauce, roasted veggies…so.good.  The other night He made a potato cream vegetable stew with some of the ghost chilis We brought from Tulsa.  Pret-ty spicy…but so so so good.  Having a full size kitchen to cook in again is awesome.  Counter space and a regular size stove, oven and fridge.  Never take that for granted if you love cooking.  The arabic lessons are coming along nicely.  I have a pretty good size vocabulary.  About 2000 words!!

I just found out that my gpa has cancer.  Suckage.  He lives in florida and I don’t see him often, but I spent every summer with him when I was 5 til about 12.  He hasn’t met my youngest daughter.  Im worried about him, but it also makes me worry about myself and my kids.  With cancer so prevalent in my family, what about us?  Burn that bridge when we get there I guess.

I got the opportunity to have a few conversations with a good friend who is making life changes presently.  It felt really good talking and having someone say to me “that makes so much sense” and feeling like I was helping someone.  I have learned a few hard lessons over  the years, and I don’t profess to know everything yet, but I know some things very well.  Some things that everyone should know and I sometimes forget.  Cali and I take pride in educating Ourselves on effective communication by reading books, attending seminars, and trying out different methods.  When We get the chance to talk to friends, or even strangers about communication and life and relationships-We get excited because its something We know so much about; something We actively research.  Seeing the difference in someones quality of life after they implement something We discussed with them is awesome.  My life has changed incredibly through this.  Some basics:

Respect-give it/get it

Honesty-all the time, even when it hurts.  Nobody can deal with something they don’t talk about.

Acceptance-there is peace in it.  Some things just are.

Loyalty-set your intentions and stay true

Integrity-staying true to your intentions, even when no one is looking.

To sum it up, be real.

Stay tuned…

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